23 March 2009

2 Block Swaps done and an exchange

I finished my March and April block swap. March theme was Easter (nonreligious). I found this cute bunny in her Easter dress. I had to stitch her. The pattern came from Donna Kooler's 555 Fabulous Cross Stitch Patterns. As I was looking for my pattern last month (Little Bo Beep), I came across some sheep which is April's theme. The sheep was really quick with only 4 colors.
I got this wonderful exchange from Shelley in CA. It was Color the World, and the partner send stash and/or nonstash with your favorite colors. She send me a note pad, sticky notes, a mini journal and mini photo album, WDW Union blue and Peiria Purple threads, 3 mini ribbons, and a #88 National Guard car, which is driven by my favorite driver, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. It is my second car. My friend Rich got me an Amp car last July when he was in Connecticut. I love everything and I think the journal will be fill soon with my trip to Texas. Thank you Shelley!

I have one more update. I have been working on The Bookshelf this weekend. I stayed up until 1 am last night stitching. I just got a groove on the stitching and had to continue for a while. I still have to do my Christmas ornament this month. I am really not in the mood to do it yet. Maybe I will in the next few days, because March is almost over. I leave next Tuesday for Texas! Hooray! I am getting really excited.

Until next time. Have a great week everyone!

11 March 2009

Fresh From the Snaps!

I finished stitching the baby sampler for Mason. I am sorry it is a poor photo. The material just got off the qsnaps. It will be going into a frame, hopefully this weekend. I got my bus tickets for Texas. Hooray! I order some new clothes too for my trip. I did need them but I should get rid of the old ones when I get back.

The pictures below is a package from my new Secret Sister in the ILCSing Yahoo group. It is all patriotic which I love so much. There is adorable Patriotic Flip Flop that sparkles. Everything came into a red and blue pencil pocket case. Thank you so much Secret Sister. You are spoiling me already.

09 March 2009

Blog Award

I received this award from Debbie Jo. Thank you so very much for the award! I am so very honored. I also want to thank each and every one of you that do follow my blog and leave comments too. All comments really keep me focused.

Here's a description of this special friends award:These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbon's of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these kind writers. When you pass the award along please include these guidelines. Choose eight friends to share this with. So here's my list and I would love to include so many more......

1. Joke
2. Kim
3. Donna
4. Karol J
5. Debra
6. Kathy K
7. Shari
8. Linda K

02 March 2009

Fairy update

I worked on my Fairy Dreams last week. I love how the colors are coming out on this pattern. I wanted done by April 21 but I wont be done, since I have a lot to stitch on it, so I changed the goal to the end of the year. I think I will get it done by than.

Now that it is March, I have to do my monthly block and ornament. I have a couple birthday gifts to start and finish before I leave for Texas. I am going see my friends at Fort Hood next month. I cant wait.

I did start a new project. It is a gift so I wont tell you the designer or pattern name until I give it to the person. I am stitching it on 18 ct english rose linen over one with two strands. It really is a tiny stitch. I dont know if you can see it how tiny it is, but so far it is coming along good and very smoothly.