10 August 2014

New Giveaway

I found a giveaway from Always Smiling.  She is giving away a Silver Creek Samplers for her 6th blog anniversary.  Just click here

I haven't post in a long long time.  I will shortly.  I have been very busy and stitching away.  Well not much stitching but getting some done, and not for me either.  I will do a post soon.

27 May 2014

May Stitch from Stash report

This is  a very short report.  I spend money again.  I got a rare and out of print Mirabilia pattern on ebay.

Yes I am happy with the purchase.  I know I will it stitch some day.  It cost $36 but to win one under $40 is rare.  I didn't expect to win it either.
I have nothing new to show.   I have been stitching a model for Victorian Motto Sampler and had been my main priority these last few weeks.  If I am not stitching the model, then its for a couple exchanges I have to complete.  Good news is some of my stash is going, but I have been posting them on Facebook right now.  I had deleted my Stash for Sale pages temporary.   I will put them back up when things settle down.
I will be back after my model is done, or when I have a couple pictures to show.

Until next time,

09 May 2014

Found a Giveaway

Frances, of A Symphony of Stitches, is having a giveaway.  She is a big Prairie Schooler fan, and giving away Christmas Traditions.  You just need to become a follower on her blog. Click on here to enter. Good luck!

27 April 2014

Stitch From Stash April Report

It is time for the April report, since it is due on the 28th and I waited last minute again.  I went over my budget this month.  I spent $31.95, however $6.95 comes from my carry over budget. I did not break the bank but I know I could do better.  I got a pattern from Stoney Creek, a series I am collecting, and a piece fabric from Silkweavers.  I won an auction from Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie. That one caught me by surprise, because I usually do not win, lol!

I do have a couple more birthday presents to show. 

 Heidi send me Mill Hill Midnight Pumpkin and a piece of white lugana fabric.  Thank you Heidi!
 Glenna send me a birthday card and 2 skeins Weeks Dye Works in Sweet Potato and Ocean.  She send the card and skeins from the goodness of her heart.  Thank you Glenna!

Now on to the Stitchy news. First is Sunflower Sampler in its frame.  I love how it turned out.  

I do have a finish, Little Miss Sunflower.  I love this one too.  I am looking for a sunflower fabric so I can hang it up in my bedroom.  I am having troubles finding some.

Little Miss Sunflower
by Diane Williams
32 count linen Solo by Silkweavers
recommended threads

I did not stitch on my April Calender girl yet.  The package came in with my birthday packages, and I didn't notice it had arrived until a couple days before my birthday.  I even send a note to my shop owner and to my embarrassment, I had it all this time.  I had started on CCN Snowmen Trio.  I want to get it done this weekend, but I think I had twisted my knee. It has been sore all weekend and walking on it has been torture at times.  I don't think the doctor be able do anything except tell me to stay off my leg.  I decided to update my blog and finish the snowmen tomorrow, then to April girl.

Now a throwback picture.  While I was at my aunt's for Easter, she had a new family picture.  She had found a trio frame, and put my sisters and my high school Senior pictures in the frame.  It came out gorgeous!  

That is all for now.  Have a good week!


22 April 2014

Birthday Presents

It was my birthday yesterday.  It was very quiet.  I got some lovely gifts and cards.  Thank you all!

Birthday cards

I am in two groups of Birthday cards and floss.  The first few sets are from the i-love-cross-stitch yahoo group.

The next photos are from the second group. I love all the cards and threads from both groups. Thank you!

 from Sharon. Lovely card and 3D too. 
 From Mary Jane
 From Gaynor (stitchers anon)
 From Valerie
 From Nicole
 From Cathe
From Donna. plus she included Heart in Hand Wee Wooly.


These following pictures are from my Birthday Club.  My problem is which one do I start first?  I think I might do a and start that one first.  

 From Shauntrerria
Pickle Barrel  Designs Popsicles
28 count Lambswool Jobelan
Vintage Violet thread

 From Sharon
Sue Ellis Design You Sweet Thing
Cheery Hill Stitchery  Pink Owl on Branch
 From Val
Stoney Creek Laughter is Sunshine
28 count Jobelan
Floss to go with it
From Debbie Jo
 Sue Hillis Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Sullivan Floss goes with the pattern
 From Lena
Blackbird Designs America the Beautiful
Overdyed threads goes with the patterns
From Mark
Lizzie Kate Chicks kit
Lizzie Kate Be Who You Are
Piecemakers 26 needles
Over dyed threads

From Evalina
My Big Toe Designs Stitch All Day
32 count Jobelan 
Thank you everyone!!!

15 April 2014

Sunflowers and a Winner!

I have been in a sunflower mood lately.  I so desperately want summer to come. My aunt's birthday was this past Sunday.  I  know she loves sunflowers too.  I stitched her Country Cottage Sunflower Sampler.  I had framed it but I forgot to take the picture with the frame.  I will take a picture on Easter Sunday, when I visit with her.  This pattern is for sell on page 3 of  Stash for Sale tab.

Sunflower Sampler 
by Country Cottage Needleworks
18 count opalescent aida, color unknown
recommended threads

I am selling my stash, mainly because I have a feeling I won't be stitching these patterns and I will be moving in a year or two.  As I was going through some ( just some), I came across of another Sunflower pattern but from LHN. See, I have a theme for this post. I kitted up Little Miss Sunflower and started on her.   This is the picture from last week: 

This is the picture today, when I finished the house.  

Still got quite a bit to go but I have a chance to stitch a lot this week.  Maybe it will be almost done by next week.   On Sunday, I had a Pampered Chef party by Skype.   It was the first time my consultant did the Skype party and I found out later, it was her first live show.  All her parties have been online.  She did a great job!  We had a lot of fun and I made a birthday cake for my aunt.  Next time I will take pictures.  I am still taking orders for my party.  

Here is a picture of me, 3 months after my surgery.  For some reason I thought 4 months had gone by but it is just 3. This was taken on April 9th,.  I have lost 49 pounds which is a lot.  I have been walking a lot more and I even went into a fitting room in Walmart to try on a top.  I haven't  been able to do that in years!!! I had my jeans on yesterday.  I took the belt off, and the jeans fell right to my ankles.  I need a new pair! 

I am sorry I had forgot I was doing a giveaway.  I had  appointments and a party to plan.  Time just got away from me.  I put in 16 entries in the and number 5 popped up..  The winner is 

Vickie of Reading and Stitching!

Congratulations Vickie!  I will be getting a hold of you shortly and the patterns will be on your way!

Next week I will be back with new stash pictures.  My birthday is on Monday and my birthday gifts are piling up nicely.  Have a wonderful week!  Hugs, Vicky

27 March 2014

March Stitch for Stash and Giveaway

I did really good on mt spending this month.  I only spend $4 for a pattern from Stoney Creek.  I had forgot to grab last month's freebie and since I am in the middle collecting the series, I grabbed February's pattern with March.

Now on to the stitching progress.  I have 2 small finishes I can not show yet.  I do have 2 other finishes and a mini finish to show.

 Map of Connecticut
by Sue Ellis
14 ct Aida and recommended threads

LHN Calendar Girls~March
28 ct Clay Cashel Linen
DMC threads

My mini finish is finishing page 2 of Autumn Encounter.  I love how it is coming out.  I hope to start page 3 soon.

 I received this lovely pinkeep from Shari.  The exchange was during the Olympics, to stitch a pattern of your choice but to add a metallic touch in gold, silver or bronze. She included a beautiful notecard.  Shari did a great job Thank you Shari!
 I received this lovely chick dish towel from Lynda in my pens ans needles yahoo group.  It is so adorable!  It is hanging on my stove handle now. Thank you Lynda!

My Giveaway
I am giving away the first 3 patterns of the Little House Needleworks Calender Girls~ January, February and March.  They are unmarked so you can stitch them easily.  Just post a comment you wish to be entered.
On April 4, I will pick a name using  I will ship international too.

One more note, I am putting my stash on sale.  I made a page for my stash.  I am tire seeing it and collecting dust.  I will be adding more stuff soon.  

Until next time, Vicky