21 August 2011

Friday Night Sew In~August

For the Friday Night Sew In, I stitched Lizzie Kate ABC Lessons.  It is a fast stitch.  I think it is coming along great. 

As this week, I started two new projects.  The first one is Summer is Sweet by Waxing Moon Designs.  It is a freebie I got from the retreat.  The second one is Lizzie Kate Dog Lessons for People.  I am stitching this one on my hand dyed pink evenweave. 

The two pieces above are pieces of material I had dyed.  The first piece is sprayed paint in green apple and fuchsia.  I love how it came out.  I am going to use it for my Owl SAL, when I start it, hopefully soon.  The second  piece is painted with a pink shade of acrylic paint.  The pictures are not great.  It is the same piece I am using for Dog Lessons, and that picture is more to its truer color.

I am at Cape Cod and heading to the beach. I am leaving home tomorrow so I will have another update in a few days.

12 August 2011

A Special Visitor and more Exchanges

We have a special visitor for a total 2 weeks. Her name is Mama and boy, is she a meower, lol. Her first two nights, she meow so much, my brother couldn't sleep.  Mama is visiting because she had a litter and her milk needs to dry out before she gets fix.  Than she went into heat, and with other cats in the house, her owner was not taking another chance.  With her in heat plus being put in a different home with no other cats, its no wonder Mama mewed like crazy.  She is not taking too much a liking to me, but she tolerates me though.

 Mare received my Summer Exchange .  I stitched her an  ornament. It is Summer by Stoney Creek.  This is the second time I stitched this pattern.  I used Caron threads for the boarder, which i got from my retreat.  I am not sure the type of thread or the name of the color, since there was no tags.  I used 14 count Grasshopper aida. I just love the color.

I, also, included Country Cottage Needleworks Beach Cottage, three skeins which goes with the pattern, and a plaque with the motto "Cats leave paw prints on your heart".  I love that saying. 

 Jody received the ornament I made for her in the Christmas in July exchange.  I stitched CandyCane Cat by Chessie & Me.  The pattern was in the 2004 JCS Ornament issue.  A few changes were made, the boarder was stitched with Peppermint Twist by Threadworx, the year was changed to 2011, and I used metallic gold for the snowflakes to give it a spark.  I included the three threads in Christmas colors. 

In my new group, pensandneedles yahoo group, there was a bookmark exchange.  The picture above is Dancing Fans by Joan Elliot, which I stitched for Debi M.  I would love to stitch this again but I lost the booklet the pattern was in.  The booklet was a freebie with an UK magazine. I don't remember the name of the magazine because I gave it away.  It was a lovely booklet with oriental patterns.  The picture below is the bookmark I  got from Debi M.   She did a beautiful job stitching. Thank you Debi!
 The Stiitching with Love Exchanges blog had Tea/Picnic exchange.  We had to stitched a Tea/Picnic theme, 5 items which could go with the theme, stitchy or not stitchy items and a recipe.  It was a secret partner and mine was Heather in Canada. Her package was delayed  because of Canada's  strike. After reading on the blog Heather did get the package, I can finally show off the exchange.
I stitched June pillow by Pine Mountains Design.  They are cute kits.  I picked this kit up in Cape May. I started it right away and had hoped to finish it over that weekend but it took me a week.  Life just got in the way.  I included a Bent Creek pattern, an UK magazine,sticky pads, needles, DMC threads, and evenweave material.  I sure hope she like the package.

I put in some more stitches in LK ABC Lessons.  I wont be stitching this weekend.  I am cooking for a surprise party on Saturday.  On Sunday, I am attending the party and afterwards, I am leaving for Cape Cod.  I will be there for a week.  I will be bringing Lessons, a few small projects, and hopefully the Chocolate Shoppe.  Most of you know I lost my stitching bag almost 2 weeks ago. Inside the bag was the Chocolate Shoppe I was stitching, the Oriental  booklet I mention  earlier, a couple scissors, and a book. I reorder The Chocolate Shoppe from 123Stitch on Thursday morning and was shipped on the same day, so I am hoping it will be here tomorrow.  They are very good but its cutting it close. 
I will post again soon.

Many hugs,