08 January 2010

Greetings from Texas!

I am in Killeen, Texas. I got here on Dec 29 at 4:45 in the morning. Yikes, it was so early. Since than I have just been house sitting and watching the pets while my friends are in Walt Disney World. I have been bored and anxious to do some sightseeing next week. The bumper is I forgot my camera. I am so mad at myself so I probably buy a disposable camera so I can have a few pictures of my trip. I, also, forgot to charge my phone before leaving and my phone died in New York, at the beginning of my trip. I couldn't charge it until I got to Nashville the next morning. I was literaly hopping from one bus to another at my transfers and the bus rests were not long. The phone was charged only 40 minutes but it gave enough juice for the rest of my trip and I was able to call my friends to let them know what happened. They were a little worried considering of what happen last time I tried to visit them.
I have been stitching. Since I left Connecticut, I had started on 3 new projects and finished one of them. I finished stitching Lizzie Kate Dogs Leave PawPrints and I think I will be finishing it into a flatfold. I started The Trilogy Patroitic Line Up. I am leaving that one in the living room and I tried to stitch in it in the mornings. I am trying to cut down on my television watching. By the computer, I have my third project, Little House Needleworks The Library. I am doing it with the LHN/CCN yahoo group SAL.
As I was packing, I am realizing how much stash I have. I mean I am literally running out of room in my room and craft desk. So I decided I will NOT buy any more stash unless I need to finish a project. Well, I didn't last long. ABC Stitch was having a sale on LHN and CCN patterns and I end up buying 3 of them before even I realize I made this promise. I think the best thing to do is to pick myself up, dust myself and start all over again. It may be tough in a couple weeks because I am hoping to meet with a friend in Waco and there is a LNS 10 minutes away from here.
I will try to post another update by the end of next week, hopefully filled with a couple adventures of the Wild Wild West.