21 October 2011

I Got Mail and update

Hi!  Parsley from Seasons of My Mind,  put a challenge for her readers to show a picture of ourselves.  So I figure,  what the heck, why not? I rarely put pictures of myself because majority of the time I am the one taking the pictures, even at family gatherings. This is my recent picture of me when I was at Sandwich, Cape Cod, taken by my aunt this past August.

I did some more fabric dyeing a couple weekends ago. It has been gorgeous lately on the weekends.  I went with a blue theme.  The fabric on the left  was dyed with Rit Evening Blue, the middle one was brush painted with Mediterranean Blue acrylic paint and the right fabric was Rit Aquamarine Blue with a dash of Evening Blue.  I wanted more of  a bluish color, instead of a blue-green color. I love how they came out.

 On October 15, my nephew, Anthony, turned 7 years old. My sister hired a magician for Anthony and his friends.  The magician put Anthony in this get-up. Doesn't he look ridiculous? Of course, I had to take a picture. I think its my favorite one.  I going to get a 4x6 picture for this one to  put in my room.
 There was cupcakes instead of a cake this year.  Dawne made the cupcakes, Amy frosted them and I decorated them.  There was a pinata,too, a SpongeBob Squarepants.  There was one last year and they weren't going do another one but the night before, Anthony started bawling because he wanted a pinata again.  So his dad went out to  get one. When it came time to hit Sponge Bob, Anthony went first and then the next kid went and gave it a big whack, and BOOM!, candy went flying out.  No other kid got a chance to whack it,but they did get candy!
Here is Anthony right before we sang Happy Birthday to him.   The balloon next to him also sings and Anthony kept hitting it.  He loved it.  When I got home, there was a package waiting for me.
Meet Carver the Pumpkin!  He is adorable!  My Secret Pen Pal send it to me.  He is now sitting in my basket with my other stuffed toys.  Thank you so much!  Than Monday came along, and I had went to the store and came back, and there were 5 packages waiting for me. It was Christmas in October for me.  One was a small order for a couple gifts, and another was a secret exchange which I can't show until I get the word its okay to do so. However, here is the other 3 packages.

This  lovely package came from Carissa of the i-love-cross-stitch Yahoo group for the 10th Anniversary exchange.  The group  has been  around for 10 years and I have been a member since 2003.  It was the first group I ever joined and I had met so many friends in  this group.  Carissa send me DMC satin threads(which I never used before), 2 Carrie's threads, Stitchy Kitty "The Hamster Did It" pattern, Angel Stitchin  "Long May She Wave" pattern, a Silkweaver solo piece with a needle, a card she made and a bookmark, which is in a book I am reading and didn't made in the picture.  Thank you Carissa!
 This package came from Mary from The Stitcherhood group.  The exchange was a Halloween Treasure hunt which we had to find items to represent Halloween from a list we were given.  For the pumpkin, it was the Pez candy which cracked me up, plus it glows in the dark.  For the witch was a Mill Hill needleminder,   candy corn  was a dish shape as a candy corn and a bag of candy corn, cats was a pair of cat earrings.  (Sorry Mary I have to give them to someone else.  I am allergic to earrings),  And for Happy Halloween saying was a spool of ribbon. I love everything and it was so creative.  Thank you Mary!

 This package came from Cindy B.  for the Fall Exchange from the ILCSing Yahoo group.   She send 2 patterns, Lizzie Kate Flip-Its October and November and a package of needles.  She had 123Stitch send them to me directly and when I opened it, I was thinking it was my order.  I am looking at the items and thinking "This is not what I ordered", then I looked at the slip and saw Cindy's name and I went "Duh!"   Just a senior moment for me,  lol!  Thank you Cindy! 

Last night I got my Halloween ornament from Viv of UK from the ILCSing group. She stitched me a Mill Hill Spooking ornament and included a Mill Hill Kitty Treats with some candy and a card filled with Halloween confetti.  I have the ornament hanging from my bookshelfs.  Viv knows I love Mill Hill kits and  I love it.  I can't wait to start on the Kittys.  Thank you Viv!

I can show you a finish. I stitched this for Mary from KraftersKorners group.  We had to stitched a freebie, finish it off and add 3 specialty threads. I found this SanMan Autumn freebie in my stash and I finished it as an ornament.  I  uses Carrie's threads Autumn for the wording and gold beads for the hanger. 

This finish is Sandy's RR, the Snowbaby from Ellen Maurer-Stroh.  I had this done awhile ago, but I forgot to post it.  I used the beads instead of confetti stitches for the snowflakes.  I think it came out wonderful.  I sure hope Sandy likes it.

I want to thank all of you for your good thoughts on my upcoming surgery.  I appreciate all of them.  I saw the surgeon on Oct 6th.  The surgery has been delayed for 6 months, but for a good reason.  The doctor, also,  does the gastric bypass but won't be taking my insurance for another 6 months to do the procedure.  I do want to  have the gastric bypass done and trying to avoid to put me under twice, it will be better to wait.  However,if my gallbladder does act up too bad before than, he will do the surgeries separately.  It makes sense to me.  I do need this gastric bypass done because I know it will change my life for the good of  things.  I have told my family  and I have their support and love.  I know I can do this, just playing the waiting game for now. 

I will be going to Virginia after Christmas. My friends are going to Florida in January and they want to house and pet sit for them.  They said I could come  even if they do not go, so my trip has been delayed for another 2 months. That means I could save up more money.

I have reached 200 followers, so I will be doing a Christmas giveaway in a couple weeks.  It will be so much fun!