27 June 2013

This is Halloween SAL I am doing with a few ladies. I have a strong start.  I like stitching on it but its only on Monday to Wednesday.  By time Wednesday comes along,  my groove is going strong and I don't want to put it down.

What am I doing on Thursday to Sunday?  Well, I am doing some UFOs.  Sunday I picked out Lizzie Kate ABC Lessons.  I didn't get much done. It was very hot and humid plus my air conditioner didn't get into my window until Sunday evening.

This picture show I did finish the word friendship, the rose, the bu
butterfly and the letter Q. I will be getting back to this one in 2 weeks.

This is Halloween House and it went into  the garbage.  What went wrong?  Not thinking and being careless with scissors.   I stitched the left side on Friday and Saturday.  When I was stitching the pumpkin I realize I was missing a row.  It drove me nuts on where I lost it. The gate bars on the right, one with the big pumpkin, is off one stitch.  Now I figure I had to frog everything I stitched.  So I started cutting at top of the left, half way through, I yelled "You Idiot!!" to myself. All I had to do was frog the pumpkins, bottom of the gates, and the grass. Duh! I was almost done than the scissors slipped. By then i lost all my patience, which is hard to do, and threw out the piece.  I don't think I ever threw a piece out before. I did find another piece of fabric and dyed it a blue color. I will probably restarted Halloween  House in 2 weeks.

This house is a freebie from gazette94. I am trying to stitch on it a little each day. Last few days have not been successful.  There is a lot of blue. I do like the pattern.

.Snow by Shepherd Bush
Sassy Fabby's Berry Burst 28 ct  lugana
Recommend threads
I was looking for something in my stash and I came across this, almost finished. I even had 2012 in the corner.  I don't know why I didn't finish  it.  I know it was a Christmas gift from one of my exchanges in 2011 and I started while I was visiting my friend in Virginia. It came out adorable.

This week I will be working on Time To Go and Gaze.  I will try show my progress on Monday.  I was trying to do this week's update on Monday but blogger was not behaving very well. I will leave you with a couple pictures of the moon on June 23rd.It was beautiful and peaceful.

Hugs, Vicky 

16 June 2013

Exchanges & Finishes

I participated in the Home Sweet Home exchange  on the Stitched With Love exchange blog. June was my partner and she stitched me a beautiful pin pilloe.  It is gorgeous.  She included the pattern Dew Drop Fairy. It is a pretty pattern and is part of a series.  Plus there are notecards, olive green thread spool, flower printed tissues, fabric, ribbon saying Home Sweet Home, and a postcard close to her home. Thank you June!
I send to Melanie in the U.K.  I stitched LHN Saltbox Village, and included needles, Heart in Hand Family Medley pattern, hand dyed material I did myself, fat quarters fabric, threads, notecards and beads. I forgot the postcard. Melaine said she liked everything!
LHN Saltbox Village
14 count antique white aida
DMC threads

In my Stitching Sisters group, Cindy send me this gorgeous sttiched framed piece for the spring exchange.  It came in this huge box and was light as a feather.  I have to add a backing to the stitched piece and lined it better before I hang it up. I love it! Thank you Cindy!

I finished up the Christmas ornament exchange In The Stitcherhood group. I won't say who got which one because they haven't let me know if they received yet, but I can show them off.  They were very quick and I added beads to add some bling to them.

 The three ornaments came from Leisure Arts Mini Christmas  Ornaments leaflet. I got the leaflet on clearance at Joanns for $2.97.
 Chilly  Penguin 
25 ct, pewter even weave
DMC threads
 gold beads added to the tree
 Puppy on Package
28 ct Antique White
DMC threads
green beads on package
Danish Angel
25 ct pewter even weave
DMC threads
beads to wreath, dress and cuffs

a motif Laughing in Flowers pattern
in Cross Stitch & Needlework May 2013
28 ct Raspberry Lugana
Threads: JAR Designs Butterfly Blue, GA Butternut Squash,
CC Aunt Marie's Violet, Carrie's Creations Green Grass and Purple 

In my ILCSing group, I participated in the Blooming May exchange.  I stitched an ornament for Tiina. It was shipped to Finland and she got it in less than a week. I added some ribbon and fower printed nail filers.

Judith from Germany send me this lovely exchange, a pin pillow, purple ribbon, and some floral patterns. Thank you Judith!

Butterfly and Seahorse fobs
I bought these 2 fobs from Mary Louise on Facebook. The picture is not doing justice to the fobs.  They sparkle alot. Seahorse is my favorite aquatic fish. I would love to learn how to make my own fobs. I tried to find instructions on the internet but no luck.  

Hope Building Block
by My Big Toe Designs
28 ct opalescent even weave
Threads: Crescent Colors Sugar & Spice, Plum Paisley and DMC 209.
I finished Hope for my aunt. I need to finish it but I am debating to frame it or make it into  a pillow. I have Faith and Love to do and I am thinking to do Hope again for myself.

I join a Halloween SAL in my new group on FB, Every Stitch Counts. On Mondays to Wednesdays, I will be stitching Stoney Creek Fright Night Friends.  I dyed the material a light purple. When I took the material out of the dye bath, it was a bright magenta color. I was so happy it lighten up a lot and it became the color I pictured in my head. That rarely happens.  It usually becomes a color hue I don't expect.  As you see, I am all set to go.

Thank you for reading my blog.  I am now exchange free so all my stitching is for me right now. I might be able do more frequent updates instead monthly.  In July, I am celebrating my 5th year blogiversary, and just notice I had 297 followers. I am gathering items for a gift away and there might be 2 if I get over 300 followers by July.

Have a beautiful week!