30 April 2009

Mel's Giveaway

Mel from my i-love-cross stitch yahoo group is having a giveaway on her blog. She is offering a Mirabilia Queen of Peace with a few satin floss skeins. Her blog address is:

27 April 2009

Stash Mail!

Around 12 noon, my front doorbell rang. I am thinking who was at the door, and it was the UPS man. He had a huge box for me from Port Orange, Florida. I knew immediately it was from my friend. He works for a Goodwill store and he came across a pile of cross stitch stash. I was in stash heaven this afternoon. There were patterns, mostly teddy bears and couple Paula Vaughn, and material, a couple good size pieces. However, there was a sweat shirt and a sweater with started patterns. The patterns were not in the box. I have no idea what to do with them. I might try to take out the stitches of one of them but the other is pretty huge and look like it was almost done. I never took out stitching with a waste canvas before. Any hints how to do it will be helpful.
My aunt and uncle from Cape Cod was in Connecticut this past week. They took me out for dinner for my birthday. We went to The Olive Garden. Since I am trying to keep my sugar levels down, I got a diet coke and a water. My aunts order a Raspberry Creme soda which I took a sip, oh my god, it was to die for, but I stayed with my diet soda. They also gave me a $50.00 debit gift card. Do I hear more stash calling to me?

21 April 2009

My Birthday Gifts!

Today was my 39th birthday! I was busy. I got up, had breakfast, talk to a girlfriend, was on Facebook a few hours, baked a cake, opened my presents, and cooked a pot roast dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy and carrots. Below are pictures of my gifts from the ILCS Birthday Club. I got spoiled with the stash.
From Shelley
Imaginating Liberty Angel, needles, a stitched fob, homemade card

From Roz from The Phoenix Stitchers:
Mill Hill stocking kit, a blue stocking, LK Blessed Our Family
Twisted Threads Welcome, 2 Kreinik metallic threads,2 Mill Hill beads

From Rhonda:
Mirabilia Titania, Queen of Fairies and
Beads for it

From Nancy J:
Diane Graebner Rite of Passage, buttons, Kreinik thread
note pad, jewerly box, a beaded bracelet, floral body lotion
DMC Linen fabric, charms

From Meari:
Lizzie Kate Friends for All Seasons,
DMC threads, ruler ,needles

From Linda B
Lizzie Kate Kit: Happy Howlidays

From Kim M:
Lizzie Kate Good Thinds, Bone fabric,
DMC threads

From Kelly
Lisa Cowell Meow, GAST Purple Iris

Kathy K:
threads WDW, where is the cat pattern

From Ethel:
Blue fabric, Britty Kitty Monthly Series, DMC floss
Memo pad, note pad

From Debra H:
Little House Needleworks Snowflakes,
needles, GAST Threads

From Debbie Jo:
Britty Kitty Aratartic Penguins, Eggshell evenweave fabric

Thank you so much every one! You made
my day very special!

I will have a couple more pictures this weekend. I also got some beautiful floss from a few people.. Thank you Rene for the card and Carrie Creation Floss. I am now going to have a piece of cake and watch Dancing with the Stars.

18 April 2009

A LHN Finish

I finished Little House Needlework Liberty and Justice. I am going to finish it as a pinkeep but right now I am on a stitching groove. She was stitched on Silkweaver's Cascade. Both the pattern and fabric came from my Secret Sister last week. I did change one color. The blue I was to use was suppose to be a Green-Gray color. With the blue backround, the gray was really showing up and didnt look like the blueish color. So I switched it for Antique Blue. I like how it came out.
I went to visit my Mom on Easter Sunday. I brought my camera with me and took the picture of the watermelon angel I made for Mom for Christmas. My mom loves it and says she gets lots of compliments for it.
I brought a few EZCombs from the television commercials. I got them the other day. First I had trouble putting them in my hair and thought I would have to return them. Then I got the hang of them and I love them. I would recommend them for everyone. I post a picture of me using the silver one. I also got the bronze and a black one.

11 April 2009

New stash and a late finish

This was a good week when it came to getting new stash. I got my package from my partner for the Floss and Needle exchange in the ILCS group. She send me 6 Carrie's Creation Threads in Aurora, Bubblegum, Clouds in the Sky, Coral Reef, Gold Glow, and Mardi Gras with a package of platinum needles. Thank you so much Katie. It was kind of funny because I am a birthday club and packages are coming in. Katie ordered it from Wasatch Needlearts and my first thought it was a gift, which I didnt want to open until my birthday. I question the birthday club, plus when I send my package I notice the postage was the same price, so I opened it on Friday.

Saturday on got a package from my Secret Sister. She is outdoing herself and spoiling me. She send me Little House Needleworks Liberty and Justice with the floss, Brittercup Designs Britty Kitty Monthly series
(March/April) with floss, Silkweaver Cashel linen 'Casade' fabric, and a Bead nabber. I never used one considering I like working with beads. I cant wait to used it. Thank you!

Thank everyone who send comments of recovering quickly from my fall. I am doing so much better. My eye is almost healed and I am done taking the antibotics I was given. Since than I have not been so tired and have more energy. Matter of fact I cooked a lasagna last night. However, my leg does have a couple of wounds. A nurse is coming a few times a week to change it. All of your prayers and postive thoughts are working and I appreciate every single one of them.

I do have a finish, a late one but its a finish. It is my March ornament. It is Peace by My Big Toe Designs in the 2008 JCS Christmas magazine. It will be finished as a pinkeep ornament but I need a few supplies for it.

Until next time!

03 April 2009

Texas is delayed!

March 31st was my big day, to leave Connecticut to visit my friends in Texas. Well, I only got as far as New York City. When I got there, the bus driver called for someone to help with my baggage. I had, maybe, a tad too much. The young man came and I told him where I was going and he said follow him. We walked to an escalator and went up, walked some more, and got to another escalator, going down. For those who dont know me, I had a walker with me. The man said we were going down. I went to step on the escalator. This is where my walker got away from me, and I follow the walker, head first, down the moving stairs.
The escalator stopped and help came immediately. I was bleeding from a cut above my eye and my lips. I wish that is the end of my injuries, but I have a few more. I went to St. Vincent's Hospital in Manhattan and stayed there over night. They gave me a cat scan. Apparently I do have a small fracture right below my left eye. The doctor was thinking of surgery but after more examining my eye, she ruled it out. My next problem is how do I get home. Between with the help of my dad's company, the social worker and the doctor, an ambulance was sent to come pick me up to bring me home. I was home on Wednesday night.
I had to go to my eye doctor's the next morning. I have a cut in my eye and it is very red. It looks like some one gave a black eye. It is so ugly. I went to see my doctor the next day. My other injuries is my right arm is all black and blue and some internal bruising on my right side. I have a abrasion on my left leg. Since I have problems with my legs, it will be watched very carefully. My lip, on my left side, is also bruised and I lost a couple of teeth. Yuck!
I will reschedule my trip to Texas when I am heal. I am just taking it easy. I am starting to have stitching withdrawals since I haven't stitched all week. I could see okay so I will be stitching this weekend.