19 August 2013

Exchanges and Stitching

 First a couple exchanges, mainly because Blogger set it up this way, lol. Mare from NJ send me this stitched towel of fishes with some summer looking threads, 3 from Ozark threads and a Weeks Dyes skein. It's very adorable and I love it. Thank you Mare,.
 This beautiful ornament is from Georgena from The Stitcherhood group. She did a wonderful job!Now a new ornament for my tree. Thank you Georgena!
 Here is a close-up of the ornament.
I did start on my Summer Love. I will starting on the leaves this week.  I was suppose to start on the maps but I didn't get to them. I got a Limited edition of Liberty by Hand-dyed Fabrics by Stephanie. It is gorgeous! I was going put Mirabilia Lady of Freedom on it but it is not big enough. It will fit but I won't have enough for framing.Two of the sides would be 1/2 inch from the stitching.  So I am going to put Queen of Peace on Stephanie's fabric and I can order a Liberty piece from Silkweavers, or wait until next year to get a bigger piece.

I forgot to take picture of my FNF on my camera. There is an updated picture on my tablet but Blogger doesn't want to download my pictures from my tablet. This morning I went take my SD card out of the computer and it won't come out. For some reason I check to see if the computer will recognize the card, which it did the night before, but this morning the computer didn't. I finally got the card out and the camera is saying there is no SD card in the camera. Somehow the card is not working. I will be getting a new card in couple weeks. I can download  on my Facebook from the tablet, but not everyone uses Facebook. Some people will miss some updates but I will catch up when I get the new card.

Have a wonderful good couple weeks!!


12 August 2013

Update and A Finish

 Here is my update on my Fright Night Friends for Week 7.  My goal this week is the second L and the sign post. I didn't stitch on it today which is Monday.  I was finishing up on Paws. I was  so close to finishing it, I didn't want to wait until Thursday to finish it.

 Paws and Stripes
by Stitchy Kitty Designs 
28 count even weave dyed purple by me
Recommended DMC threads and added white beads

This took me longer than I expected. One of the reasons is I have been getting headaches recently and been a little tired in the afternoons.  This summer is better than last year when I didn't want to stitch at all due to depression. I do need to get a button for the middle paw, but I won't show this again until I finish it into a wall hanging. I got the fabric and trimming already.

 Nora Corbett came out with a new pixie, Fairie Summer Love (FSL) and I fell in love with it. I love the greens in her dress and blue wings.  I am going to to stitch her on a Silkweaver solo I had in my stash. She will have a few stitches by next week's update.
Joann's had a 27 cents sale on Saturday. I took advantage of it, and got 95 skeins. Plus I wrapped majority of them on bobbins that night, and it took me about 6 hours. I am planning to use the skeins for FSL, Mirabila Lady of Freedom, and Sue Hillis Maps of Connecticut and Massachusetts. The maps are for my aunt. She had the patterns and gave them to me. I will be starting Massachusetts on Thursday.  I will be starting 2 new projects this week.

My dad is still in the rehab but he is doing good. We are hoping he will be home this week. It's been two weeks since his surgery. My cousin came over and fixed the dishwasher. I am very happy it works now.

Have a great week!


05 August 2013

Updates and Cupcakes

A couple giveaways:

Chris from Always Smiling is celebrating her 5th blogiversary.  Go to her blog to sign up by clicking on the link below.

Victorian Motto Sampler is celebrating her birthday and picking 100 winners to help her celebrate. Just click on the link!

I did finish the Kreinik on the sign. It was not as bad when I remember to cut the thread in short lengths, lol. I had a busy week with appointments and  errands, so I did not get too much stitching done. I have 2 Ls to stitch and the rest of the sign. Hopefully you will see that next week.

I did not get far in Paws and Stripes either. I did finish the lettering.  I hope to finish it this week. Sorry my body is shadowing the picture.

Pat send me an ornament for the Monthly Ornament exchange in The Stitcherhood group. It is so cute. Thank you Pat!

I finished off LHN Summer Splendor into a wall hanging and now hanging on my bedroom wall. I didn't want to put it in a drawer and forget about it. Now my other pieces are yelling "What about me?" I should do a finish piece once a month.

I made and decorated some cupcakes. I still need some practice and a different tip.
 My favorite colors, pink, blue and purple. They look like the patriotic cupcakes, mainly because of the colors I used.
These cupcakes I call "Tie-Dyed" cupcakes. I used blue, green, orange, and yellow. I know I am showing my wild side.

Have a great week!