05 July 2009

Back Finally!

Glazed Fruit Salad
recipe from Debra S

I got this Glazed Fruit Salad from Debra S's blog. I made it for Memorial Day and it was a huge hit. It was requested again for the 4th of July picnic. The second time it came out a little different. The glaze was not as thick. I don't think I cooked it long enough to get the thickness. It is more like a juice but it is still delicious. Thank you Debra for the recipe.

The next two pictures are the projects I was stitching while I was in the hospital.

Mill Hill Haunted House
on 32ct Picture This Plus DaVinci Linen

Little House Needleworks Bookshelf
update #3

For those who didn't know, I has in the hospital practically for the month of June. Apparently I got pneumonia. I have no idea how I got that but I was so sick for the first week. They put a center line (an IV in a major vein) in my arm which end up to be a very good thing. They no longer had to poke needles in me. For awhile my tests was saying one thing and my body was saying something else, which got my pulumory doctor worried but the tests finally caught up and he was relieved. Then he send me to Gaylord Hospital which I end up being there for 2 weeks.

I was home in time for the 4th of July picnic. Mom came home for the day too. It was a small picnic again but very fun. Dad had to work at the bar in the evening, so no fireworks this year. With the Nascar race on and at Daytona too, I watched the race instead of the fireworks.

I have some more pictures in my family album, from the Memorial Day picnic. My batteries died and I didn't get more in time for the 4th. The link to my album is here.
Most of them are pictures of Mason. He is 10 months old already and crawling all over the place.

I hope to be posting more.
Many stitches to stitch until next time.