26 February 2011

Another Giveaway

Lynn, from needles-and-quilter-me, is having a giveaway. When she reaches 125 followers, she will pick a winner. So hop on over to follow her and enter in the great giveaway.

25 February 2011

I Got a Frog and a Winner!

I just love this little frog. She is so adorable. This frog I dont mind keeping, and she is behaving very well, so far. Carissa from WI send me the frog in the Froggy Exchange. She, also, send the Mistle-Toad by Lizzie Kate in an ornament. She said this was the first time she made an ornament like this. She did a wonderful job. I would have not known it was her first if she didnt tell me. She gave me 3 purple skeins of hand-dyed threads. Thank you Carissa!

Bee Mine by Barbra Ana
28 count pink evenweave with DMC

I hosted a Valentine's exchange in my ILCSing yahoo group. The exchange consisted of a finish in Valentine's or heart theme, 2 skeins of threads, and some chocolates. For Sarah, I stitched her Bee Mine By Barbra Ana. I found the pattern on

I have been stitching on Cat Lessons this past week. I did not finish it for my friend's birthday. I just ran out of time. I think it will be done by the end of this weekend. I dont have much left to do.

Now for the winner of the giveaway. First, I want to thank you for all the wonderful comments of my first granny square. I had redid it with a tighter tension and the gauze was correct. I had made 14 more squares since I last post. I know it will be a beautiful afghan and I will cherish forever. Okay, the winner of my giveaway is Lesleyanne of Lesleyanne's Life of Stitches. Congratulations! Please send me your address to me. I left you a message on your blog with my email address.

Have a great stitchy weekend!

22 February 2011

A New Giveaway

Teresa, from At Willow Tree Pond, is having a giveaway, celebrating her first
blogoversary. She is giving away a couple of kits , some hand dyed threads, and plus a lot more. Go over and check it out.

19 February 2011

Stitching, Exchanges,and Give-aways

I joined the Friday Sew in Night, which was last night. I have wanted to do this for awhile, but I just couldn't find the right blog to sign up. I found it last week and so happy I didn't miss it. I signed up and knew right away what I was going to stitch immediately, my Fairy Dreams by Lavender and Lace. I haven't worked on it for a long time. Here is the picture before I started:

This is the picture just before I went to bed:
I like working on her and I would like to get this one done sometime this year. You may see more of her after my trip to Virginia.

One of my exchanges which I had stitched was received and I got my Sweet Valentine's exchange from Sarah.

Sarah stitched me a beautiful card, and she send 3 Vicki Clayton's silks, A DMC metallic red skein, Heart in Hand Valentine's Bird, a very cute bear kit, a piece of heart fabric and a bag of Lindt milk chocolate eggs, one of my favorites. They are so yummy.
Since she did not receive my parcel yet, i wont show the stitched piece I made for her yet, cause she reads my blog. I can't spoil the surprise. Thank you so much for a wonderful exchange Sarah!
This is the frog I stitched for Marl from Canada. The frog exchange was in memory of Rene, a moderator of i-love-cross-stitch yahoo group, who passed away. The frog was a freebie from Cyberstitchers, design from Lucie Heaton. I left out the words. I liked the frog by itself. I stitched the frog on 14 count Grasshopper aida from Charles Craft.

There a few blog giveaways I want to mention before I go back to my world.
My friend, Sarah(one I just mention), of Craftymoo is having a Spring Giveaway. Some fabrics and threads is a perfect combination for me.

Jennifer, from Feathers in a Nest, is having a Spring Giveaway. She is offering 2 pairs of scissors.

Pine Mountain Designs is having a giveway on a few new spring patterns. They are very pretty.

Don't forget about my giveaway. You need to comment on the post below if you haven't done so yet.

10 February 2011

Granny Square and Give-Away

I am so proud of myself! I crochet my first granny square today. I got the directions from you-tube. The square came out a couple inches bigger than the demo. I know the tension was loose a bit but I could have used the wrong size needle too. I need to practice a couple more I think . I want to make a afghan of granny squares in shades of blue in memory of my mom. Now for the giveaway!
I had reached over 100 followers, so I am doing a giveaway. I had fallen in love with Little House Needleworks patterns and I found an extra pattern of The Chocolate Shoppe in my stash. I added the DMC threads that goes with the pattern and #26 needles. I dyed a piece of evenweave to a taupe color. The picture shows the fabric is a little pinkish but the majority of the fabric is on the brown side with a touch of a rose color.
All you have to do is be a follower and comment to this post only you wish to be enter in the giveaway. Everyone will get 2 entries to win.
I will pick a winner on Feb 24th, which would have been my brother's 30th birthday. Hopefully I will be able put in the mail before I leave for Virginia on March 4. Good luck!

06 February 2011

TUSAL and a pile of snow!

Here is my TUSAL after the first month. I am kind of impress. I didn't have any finishes in January, there is quite a bit of orts in the jar. I am working on a couple of exchanges to do this week but with a couple storms coming in, I will have more stitching time.
This pile of snow is in front of my building. Wondering where the snow came from? The pile came from the roof. It had to come off or the roof might have caved in. In January, there was very few days with temperatures above 32 degrees F and there was several snowstorms in New England, including Connecticut. The snow couldn't melt and the piles of it was putting lots of weight on the roofs. I put the news on, and there is a new story of a building coming down. Yesterday, a second abandon building came partially down in Waterbury.
Friday morning, at 3 am, the fire department was called because there was a bulge on the overhead of the deck. They called, or put us on the list, for the building inspector to check the roof and to be prepare to evacuate. He came at 4 pm and said the structure was solid but remove the snow. So Friday night and half day Saturday, in the rain, a couple of guys removed the snow. Yesterday and today, the temperatures were over 35, so I am taking it is a sign spring is on the way. Here is a few more pics of the snow pile.
When I open the door, this is in front of me. Picture below, the walkway is blocked but there is another way to my left to get to the cars.

The giveaway will be on my blog this week!

Many hugs,

01 February 2011

Snow and more Snow!

Snow! It is becoming the nasty 4 letter word no one wants to say anymore. We have over 30 inches and more is coming. Yuck! I took some pictures from my side door. Later in the afternoon the stuff turned into ice and I saw one of my neighbors go sliding down the street.

This stop sign is in middle of a huge pile of snow. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger. In the backround, can you see the the height of the snow on the sidewalk? It a little hard to see.
This is why, I cant open the door! The snow is pack against the door and I had to take the pictures through the glass door. Here is another picture.

I have been stitching on Lizzie Kate Cat Lessons for People for a friend's birthday. I hope to have it done so I can finish it off and send out to him.

I did work on my Dragon UFO piece last week. I put in another 368 stitches. I could see the difference from last week. I will be working on it on Wednesday during American Idol. I dont have to pay too much attention and just listen to the people trying to get in. I already have a couple of favorites. One sings just like Josh Turner and the other like an angel.
I did start stitching LHN Under the Tree. It is an ornament I wanted to finish in January. I have a couple exchanges to do and a couple gifts before I can go back to it. Probably in March, when I am in Virginia. I understand they dont have snow but I could be wrong, at least, not by Newport News as of last Saturday.
Thank you so much for stopping by. If I can get to Joanne's this coming week. I will be doing a giveaway on a LHN pattern. That is the only hint you will get until I post it.

Many stitches to you,