28 February 2014

February Stitch from Stash report

I am just making the deadline for this month's report.  I had want to finish my Calender girl before reporting.  First, on the spending.  I brought LHN Little Moss Sunflower, CCN Snowmen Trio and Nora Corbett Letter E for $15.60.  Letter E is for a gift, but not sure when I am stitching it, so I counted it against my budget.  It was only $4.

For my working in progress projects, I stitched on Azure and Autumn Encounter.

 In Autumn Encounter, I stitched the first 2 columns on page 2.  I will be stitching more on this next week.  I want to do the next 2 columns at least.

Azure finally hit a slow stitching period.  I am doing the skin over 1.  I forgot how slow it is, because I am doing 4 stitches for one square.  I am hoping to finish the skin this coming month.

I do have 2 finishes for this month.  I can't show one of them because it is an exchange and will be on to its new home shortly.  The one I did finish was the LHN February Calender Girl.

Little House Needleworks February Calender Girl
by Diane Williams
Recommended threads and fabric

I am loving this series.  I saw March Girl and she is very pretty.  I can't wait to get her.  I hope my enthusiasm continues through out the year.  I still have not decided how I am going finish the series.   Right now I am stitching them individually. 

I did not stitch on my LizzieKate ABC Lessons this month.  Hopefully I will get to it  next month.  That is my report for February.

Until next time,

17 February 2014



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11 February 2014

Stitch Update, Snow and a Goodbye

On Autumn Encounter by Kustom Krafts, I finished page one finally. I did start on page 2 but I will show a picture on my next post.

I finish the tail and fin on Azure by Nora Corbett.  She is very fun to stitch and easy too.  There is no blending threads.  I will be starting the skin portion in a day or two.  I will be stitching the skin 2 threads over 1.  

I am still stitching Lizzie Kate ABC Lessons.  I had to move the q-snaps over and took a picture.  Hopefully I can go back to it soon, I think after I do the skin on Azure and I stitch February Calender Girl.  I should have the pattern any day now.

I had went to my support meeting this past Monday.  I am 5 miles away but with traffic it can take 15 minutes to get there.  I took my camera and got some snowy scenes.  More snow is coming on Thursday with another 4 to 8 inches of the white stuff and a mixture of sleet and rain. Oy! What a mess!

As you must have heard by now, Shirley Temple Black passed away on February 10, 2014.  I loved her movies as a kid.  I would watch them at my aunt's house because she had a vcr and would rent the movies on the weekends.  My favorite movie is Heidi and closely followed behind A Little Princess.  Of course, you can't forget about the Shirley Temples cocktail drinks.  When my siblings and I went out to dinner with our parents, they will let us order a Shirley Temple.  I always felt like a grown-up because it was made at the bar and arrived in a special glass.  Rest in peace Shirley!

Until next time, Vicky