28 March 2011


Rhode Island Stitchers is having a giveaway. I would love to attend their stitch-ins. I haven't been able to find one in Connecticut yet.

Barbara is celebrating her birthday this month. She is having a wonderful giveaway. Mine is next month and I am thinking of having another giveaway.

Teresa is having one for surviving the first year of her's husband's retirement, if I read that correctly, lol. She does lovely stitching.

26 March 2011


I was in Virginia for first two weeks, visiting my friends. I had a good time and it went by too fast for me, even though I didn't go anywhere except to the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Center in Virginia Beach. I really didnt want to go back home,lol. They have 3 dogs and 2 cats and may be adding 2 more cats when their son comes to live with them. The cat, above, is Sammy. I love this cat, and if I could have her live with me, I would in a heartbeat. She lets me rub her tummy, which is rare for a cat. In this picture, she is on top of my luggage on my last day there. I was packing and she jumped in and curled up. Do you think she wants to go home with me? The other cat, Piper, I was lucky if I saw her every other day. She stays upstairs in her master's computer room. I think she only came downstairs to use the litterbox or to eat. I didnt get any pictures of her on this trip.

This is Zoey, and she remembered me when I saw her in Texas. I knew she would remember me, I am not unforgettable, lol. The first 15 minutes or so, she just wanted me to pet her. She is the princess of the 3 dogs and sometimes acts it too. One morning, really early, I had got up to use the bathroom and I came back and fluff the pillows. Zoey,in return, jumped in the middle of the pillows, curled up and went to sleep, claiming the pillows were hers now. It was cute. In this picture, the bottom of her mouth is pinkish, as you may notice. I fed her some of my watermelon Italian ice and she just gobble it down. Her mommy didnt notice when she got home from work so we will keep it a secret between us!
The new dogs are cocker spaniel and this one is named Ryleigh. She is a barker but very beautiful. When my friends were at work, she would be by my side and follow me everywhere. I was prepping some potatoes for supper, and Ryleigh decided to lay down behind me. I didnt realize she was there and when I moved to put the pot on the stove, I stepped on the poor dog. She yelped but forgave me right away. Dogs are great that way.

This one is called Ginger or sometimes Gingy. She is very sweet and loves to get attention. She would wake me up in the morning to get some loving and would try to lay down on my chest. She must think she is a Shih Tzu, like Zoey, lol. She did this most adorable thing as I was leaving. Genia said it was time to say goodbye to Vicky. Ginger came immediately to me and lick my cheek, her kiss good-bye. It was so sweet.

It is getting late and I am getting tired. I have taken pictures when I was at the Virginia Aquarium and you can see them here with a few more pictures of the pets. I have been thinking of getting a dog soon, but not sure yet. I am doing research and looking at animal shelters. I really want some companionship, and I think a dog will do me some good. Maybe I can convince my friends to breed Zoey, than I will have 50% chance of getting her sweet temperment.

My next post will be a couple finishes I did in Virginia.
Many stitches to all of you,

03 March 2011

Finish, New Start, and TUSAL

Trail Creek Farm Spring
14 count Purple Rustico Aida
Anchor 1335 and DMC Variations threads

I have a small finish. I am going to Virginia for the next two weeks, and as I was going through my basket to determine which stitching I was going to bring with me, I came across with this very small WIP. It took me only hour to finish stitching. I dont know why I had stop, I think it may have been the colors. I think they are too light with the material. I had change all the colors, which I like them, its just the color of the material.

This weekend I came across a Spring SAL and I had to do it. I dont usually do SALs but this called me. As I was reading my blogs during the week, some my blog friends are doing the SAL too. I am looking forward to theirs progress each week as I stitch this. The material I am using is a linen and the color is a very dark rose. The picture is making this much lighter. If you haven't seen the SAL yet, you can go to this blog.

Like I said, I am going to Virginia. I have packed my stitching. I think I have packed too much, stitchwise, but I will have variety at least. I have a tendency to stitch more when I am not home. I have included the March TUSAL picture since I am keeping the jar home, but I will be saving my orts and putting them in the jar when I get home. It is not a good picture but you can tell more orts have been added.

Next time you hear from me, I will be in Virginia. If anyone knows of a LNS in the Newport News/ Virginia Beach area, please let me know. I am allowed to purchase stash when I am on vacation.

Many stitches to you,