24 February 2009

A February finish and a new WIP

I finished my February Block swap on Saturday. The theme was a Bonnet Girl or Boy. I found some Little Bo Beep motifs in the Cross Stitch Quick magazine in the March 2004 issue. I stitched her on Sassy Fabbys Olive 14 count aida. I changed the color of her bonnet to purple to match her dress. She came out very cute.

I started a new project, the Little House Needlework The Bookshelf. It is being stitched on mushroom evenweave. It is coming a little slower than I though it would. The picture says "The Boo" right now. It sounds like a music group, lol.

Last couple days I have been stitching my fairy. I am not posting a picture yet. I still have the bug to stitch her. I will put a picture up this weekend.

21 February 2009

Good luck Conan!

Last night was Conan O'Brien's last show, which I stayed up to watch. I havent done that in a long time. I loved watching his show during my college years. I will be up studying and will watch Conan. He became choked up as he was saying his thank yous and I couldnt help to be touched by this true emotion coming from him. An era has ended for late night shows. They said there is this new guy coming in but it wont be the same, though I do wish him luck for his new show. Yes, Conan is going to the Tonight show but he has promised he wont be "growing up" because he cant change who he is. I am sure we will see good things from Conan as he goes on to bigger and better ways and at the same time see the same Conan that I grew to love on his show.

18 February 2009

February ornament

I stitched my February ornament. It is a freebie I got through the Freebie Gallery blogspot. There is a snowflake in the middle, but the picture did not come that great. It was a real quick stitch. I stitched it on antique white but the pic looks brighter. There was suppose to be a border around the leaves but I liked it a lot better without.
I got a few ideas about my NeedleDiva. Thank you all who made a suggestion. I think I will be finishing it off this weekend.

16 February 2009

What Do I Do Now?

As you know from my previous post, I started on Needle Diva. On Monday, when I was moving the qsnaps, I notice I did not give myself enough fabric on the right. The frogs were so thrilled, they got to party at my house for two long day. That is how long it took me to fix the mistake. I frogged out the hearts on the left side, the N and 2nd E, and moved the design a couple inches over. Now I am at the end and off by 4 measley spaces. I want to save this model but I really dont want to start over. If I put an extra heart and than the hearts on the side, than I will be right on the edge and wont be even enough to sew on a piece of fabric. If I skip the four spaces and just put the side of hearts, the whole design wont have that smoothness of equal space between the hearts. I am asking for your advice on what will be the best thing to do. If you have another idea, I will love to hear it too. I will probably framed this piece later this year, if that helps you too. Thank you so much!

08 February 2009

New patterns and update

I got this beautiful exchange from Mare in my ILCSing group. She knew I love cats. She stitches a covered round tin and inside she put two of her homemade rose pins. They are gorgeous. She sent a small stocking which she stitched another cat on it, plus she send a small catnip toy and a colorful band. Everything is wonderful. Thank you so much Mare. I love the tin!

I finished my January ornament on January 29. Than my batteries in my camera died, so I couldnt take the pic or download. When I went out to the store this past Friday, I forgot to get the batteries. My brother picked some up for me. The ornament is Jingle Bells, a freebie from the Hershenerr Needleworkshop site. It was stitched on Sassy Fabbys Snowflake. I trimmed with a gold cord. That was the hardest part.

After I got the ornament done, I started on EMS Froggy baby on a light blue aida. I was going to make it into a baby sampler for Mason, but I didnt make the deadline. His christening was today. I did buy a bond for him and I will give the sampler when I am done. The picture above is what I
done so far.

I got a gift card from Stitching Bits and Bobs, which I had a few months. I decided I was going to use it when I saw their clearance page. The order came in Friday. I recieved the following:

~ X's and Oh's Share Your Heart and The Greatest Gift
~ Waxing Moon Griper's Club and Coffee, Chocolate and Men
~ Elizabeth's Design Dragonfly III
~ Dragon Dreams Seasons of My Needle
~ Raise the Roof Closet UFOs
~ Glory Bee Coffee for Gossip and Shopping
~ Forever in My Heart Seize the Day, Needle Diva
, and Kindness and Memories
And I also got Lizzie Kate Its a Girl Thing and Hinzeit Jingle Bells, but from another site.
I started on the Needlework Diva yesterday. It was just calling for me. I am using DMC 102 and 116 for the hearts and Theardworx Balloons for the words. The is my process from just yesterday. Its going pretty quick. I will stitch on it more today.
Bye for now.