27 February 2012

Happy Dance!!!!

Dragon Dreams Summer Magic
28 count Natural Jobelan
DMC floss and Rayon

It is finished!!! It is time for the Happy Dance.  I finished Dragon Dreams Summer's Magic a couple hours ago. I was hoping to finish it during last night during the Oscars, but there was alot of back stitching and the wording.  I started it in August 2007 while I was recuperating from a respiratory failure.  Then other projects and exchanges got in the way, so I was going back and forth on the dragons and it is not a huge project.  I am so happy it is done. This also means I completed one of my ufo's.  Now on  to Lavender Blue. I need to finish Parts 1and 2 while I watch the Daytona race tonight, if they don't delay it again.  I am thinking maybe Mother Nature got mad at Nascar for starting the season a week  later, lol lol.

23 February 2012

Small Finish and DD update

I got bit by the stitching bug last night.  I had finished my LHN ornament before 10 pm. American Idol was still on.  This is LHN All Dolled Up Peppermint Twist from her 2010 collection, stitched on 28 count Rosewood lugana, using DMC threads and a button. I love this ornament and the colors.  Since I was done by 10 and Top Chef was starting soon, I needed to find something else to stitch. I was going to do The Chocolate Shoppe but than I remember my Dragon Dreams.  I took that out and end up staying up finishing the dragon and the shovel. I just need to do the sand, wording, and back stitching.  With the races starting this weekend, I just might have a finish to show on Monday.  Lets hope so.  Here is  the picture.

I had put my blog on moderation, since Blogger changed their security words system.  I don't like it and there are a lot of people reading those words. I hoped I had turn off the security words and if I did not, please let me know, I will try to fix it as soon  as I can.

If you watched the Daytona race this Sunday, it is going be so excited.  I am rooting for my driver, Dale Jr to win this year.  Go Jr!!  Than the Oscars are on right after that.  First the speeding cars and then the red carpet comes out.

Have a great weekend!


PS. My giveaway is now 2 posts down.  You need to comment there if you want a chance to win.
PSS. I think I got the word verification off now.  The next person who comments, please let me know. Thanks!

21 February 2012

Q-Snaps Huggies and Finishes

This weekend I did some sewing.  I made a couple Q-Snaps huggies.  I love them but I think I made them a little too wide.  I had 1/2 inch elastic and the instructions called for 1/4 inch, I think.  So I made them an inch wider to compensate for the 1/2 inch elastic.  The owl came out good but the cat one is a little big.  It might be good for those projects with lots of material to hold.  Tell me what you think.

In my Stitching Sister yahoo group, there was a Valentine exchange I joined.  Faith was my partner and  she send a wonderful package.  I love everything.  I, even, stitched one of the free patterns she send me but I can not show it.  I had entered in a competition in one of my other groups.  Thank you Faith!
Last year I stitched this cute pattern, "Meow  spoken her" and this weekend I finished it off as a flat fold. I thought I had put a picture up when I finished it, but I did not because it is not in my history.  As you notice, it is the same material as the Q-snaps huggie.  This one is for my friend in VA.  I had stitched Lizzie Kate "Dogs Leave Pawprints on Your Heart" when I  was visiting her in Texas a couple years ago.  She wanted one for her cats.  I finally got one done for her and its on her way.   The picture below is the back.  I had to make a mini collage of the cats because I did  not have a picture of them together.  I still need to work on making bows.

When I was unpacking from my trip last month, I unpacked a pattern I brought with me, hoping to start it.  I always overpack when I bring stitching projects, but what stitcher doesn't?  When I was done, I realize I didn't see the material and threads with the pattern.  I called my friend but she didn't have it.  So I went looking into my closet, thinking I absently put it one of my bags.  This is what I found:
This butterfly was stitched while I was in VA last May and I must have packed it by accident when I was packing to leave.  How I never noticed I took it earlier, probably I just when through the bag real quick and put aside.  So I made it into  a pillow like I told my friend I will this is the results.

I never did  find my threads and material.  Also, a book is missing too.  If I find the book, I might find the material and threads,or vice versa.  I guess I should be more organized.  I, also, finished a Valentine ornament, but that too, is going into the competition. 

This is  the bookmark I finished for Judith from Germany.  It was an Valentine Card and Bookmark exchange in the ILCSing yahoo group.  The pattern came from Hold That Thought by Leisure Arts.  It was stitched on pink aida by the camera didn't get the color. 

Don't forget about my giveaway.  If you want to enter, please comment in the post below.  I will not enter anyone from this posting. 

Many hugs,

13 February 2012

200 Plus Followers Giveaway

I have reached over 200 followers, more like 231 followers.  I am so honored so many will come read my blog about my life and stitching.  I have met so many people around the world through blogging and it touches me you take time from your life to visit my blog. I really appreciate your visits.

For the giveaway, I will send the winner a  $20 gift certificate from 123Stitch!, my favorite stitching store.  The rules  are:

1.)  Comment to this post, stating you wish to enter in the giveaway with your email address.
2.)   You must be a follower, old or new.
3.)    For an extra entry, answer the following question in a separate  reply post.
If  you could meet and have dinner with a cross stitch designer, who would it be and why? I am anxious to read your replies.
My answer is a tied for Nora Corbett of Mirabilia designs and Diane Williams of Little House Needleworks.  I have always admired Mirabilia designs since I discovered her in 2003. I  have many patterns of her works, and even have couple kitted and started, but sadly have not finished one yet.  I have seen several pieces finish and the do inspire me.
I was introduced to Little House Needleworks from a stitcher friend through an exchange.  I fell in love instantly. Why I didn't find these patterns sooner, I don't know.  I have been following her blog for over a year and I feel I know her a little.  She seems to be very down to earth person and I would be honor to meet her someday.

I will pick a winner on March 2. Good luck!

07 February 2012

Update, winner and pizza!

 I am a little late for this update.  The above picture is my LHN Peppermint Twist as of last Thursday on Feb 2.  I might be able to  finish it off on Thursday if I don't get pick for a jury.
This my Halloween House update as of week before on January 27.  I was too tired to stitch last Friday.  I had went to lunch  with a friend that day and it tuckered me out.   We had went to Friendly's and I had the fried clam strips and a caramel sundae.  We went to the graveyard  to say a prayer for Mom.  I think I might have been emotionally tired because I tried to take a nap but I just couldn't sleep.

Than my round robins came in last week.  The ladies did a wonderful job on each ornament.  I  love them all. What is odd I was suppose to get Vickie H.'s first but I got mine before Vickie's.  I am still waiting for Vickie's so I can stitch her piece.
LHN Snow Bunnies in Just Cross Stitch Christimas issue on Sassy's Fabbys Cheryl's Bouquet~Vickie H

Dragon Dreams Checking It Twice JCS Christmas 2007 on Sassy's Fabbys Snowflake~Sandy R

Water's Edge Santa and Rudolph JCS Christmas 2004 on Sassy's Fabbys Snowflake~Judith L.

Stitched by Berly  (Kim)  M.  from JCS Christmas 2007 on blue aida
I do have my first finish but I can not show it yet.  It is a bookmark for an exchange. 


I am sorry announcing the winner.  I put the names in a jar and had my father pick a name.  There  were 22 contestants and Berly of  New Year!   Congratulations Berly! The box will be on your way soon.
No worries for those who didn't win, I will be doing another giveaway this  weekend.   Stay tune!


I watched the Super Bowl game this past Sunday.  It is usually the only football game I watch through out their season.  I am just not a big fan.  By living in Connecticut, there is this rivalry for NY or New England, I really couldn't help to get into the game this year.  I did pick the Giants to win and since my father and brother were hoping for them too, I didn't make a bet with them.  I didn't go to a party but I could have gone to my friend's house, but she is a HUGE Patriot fan so I told her I didn't want to see a grown woman cry when they lose.  I sure was not expecting to be eating my own words,lol.  I made homemade pizza and chicken wings for my own party.  Here is the  pictures of the food I made. 

Pizza with bacon, onions and mushrooms~my favorite toppings!

BBQ Chicken Wings

Pizza~half sausage for Dad, and other half, pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, and bacon.

 The only thing wrong it was very greasy. I need to find a way to cut that down.  I haven't made pizza in years. 

Many hugs,