29 July 2013

Update and Winner

On the Fright Night Friends,  I stitched the 3 pumpkins.  The two pumpkins on the side of the middle is in Kreinik threads.  It really slowed me down. The sign below the pumpkins are 90% Kreinik.  My goal is to complete the sign this week and hopefully I can pick up speed after the sign is done. The good news is I finished page 2 and now on page 3. :D :D

I have a new start, Little House Needleworks Songs of the Season.  I am stitching the pattern on Hand-Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie Meadow. I just love the colors, a mixture of blue, green, and yellow.  This picture is half of part 1 and was able stitch this part in 2 days. Part 2 came in this past week and there is lot more stitching in that section, so that will take a little longer.

This past weekend one of my groups is having a super Stitching Weekend Challenge, which ends on July 31st.  As of Monday afternoon, I had made 2300 stitches. My original goal was 2500 but I changed it to 5000 last night.  Some of the stitches in the LHN was counted. I have a finish and a new start, my second one this week.

  Long May She Wave
by Val's Stuff
14ct  purple/pinkish aida
DMC threads 
gold beads

I will be finishing this into an ornament this week.  I will show the finish piece next week.

I started this piece last night, Sunday. It's a lot of fun. The pattern is from Stitchy Kitty.  I am hoping to finish this piece by Wednesday. I will be giving it to my friend. I don't have any fur babies but I do have a fur nephew and 2 fur nieces. I am thinking personalizing it, but not sure yet.

Are ready for the winner?  Because I am since I am done with my update.  There were only 4 that express interest in the traveling pattern.  I wrote the names on a piece of paper, shook them in a bag, and pulled a name. The winner is.....

Congratulations Meari!!!
Meari will be getting the pattern soon and she will offer it on her blog when it is ready to travel again.

Today my Dad went for his knee replacement surgery. He is doing good.  I talked to him, and despite of the drugs, he is alert and doing great. If no infections appear, he will be going to a rehab on Wednesday  to get use to his new knee.

I hope you have a great week!


22 July 2013

Traveling Pattern, Giveaway and Update

First a small update on my Fright Night Friends.   I am almost done with page 2.  The ghost is adorable.  This week is the Pumpkin Patch.   Most of it is the Kreinik thread. It is cool it glows in the dark but it can be such a huge pain.

Snowflower Diaries is having a great giveaway.  I did stitch a couple of her designs but I don't see them on my blog.  They were for a Spring exchange a couple months ago.  Or I deleted the post by accident.  Click here to get the information on the giveaway.

A couple months ago I won a traveling pattern and it finally arrived from Moscow,  Russia.

Little House Needleworks Summer Splendor 
by Diane Williams 
14 count Summer Khaki aida
recommend DMC threads 
added gold beads 

It came last week and I stitched it in 3 days.  I added gold beads to the strawberries and the centers in the flowers. Now I am offering it to my blog friends, just a few rules.

1. You must have an active blog.

2. Please agree to stitch it promptly.

3. Please pass it along to a fellow stitcher via a drawing on your blog.

4. Please post your finish and the history of where the chart has travelled like this:

2. Carol at Stitching Dreams "

3. Lisa at "Lisa's V Lounge"

4. Ellen at " Stitch Passion "

5. Theresa at " Giraffe Crossing "

6.  girl with a hoop at  "Girl with a hoop" (Tatyana)
7. Vicky at Numegger's Stitching Works

Post a comment on this post and I will pick a winner  on July 29. Good luck!

Have a great week!


15 July 2013

Heatwave, Torandos and Stitching Update

It's been 2 weeks since my last update.  First week of July was very hot and humid, leading to the 2nd heatwave for this year.  One of those days, 2 torandos touched down in Connecticut.   One by New York and other in central of the state.  No deaths or injuries,  just a lot of damage. I spend the 4th with some friends and was able watch the city's fireworks from their deck. I did start a new project but did not get too far. I was having trouble seeing the holes. I was in bright daylight but it was 30 count fabric. It shouldn't made a big difference dince I use 28 all the time, but it did this time. Here is my feeble start on  Country Cottage Needleworks Red, White snd Bloom.

Saturday and Sunday I picked up LK  ABC Lessons. I didn't do much but it is progress at least.

Last week the weather was crazy. It was so humid all week, sunny in the morning and storms in the after noon.  Last Wednesday,  another tornado touch down in the East of Connecticut and a microburst close by. A microburst is a storm with straight winds, where a tornado is circular winds. Again no injuries or deaths.

Picture taken by Nick Stanczyc

   I did stitch on my FNF SAL on Monday to Wednesday. I did finish the owl and back stitching and started the ghost. The ghost was suppose to have 2 arms done but I happen to miss a row in the arm by the A.  I was trying to stitch the bow and couldn't understand why it wasn't lining up. So I found it, un stitched the arm, and re started it again on Thursday morning before my appointments.

On Friday,  I took out Time To Go.  Between Friday and Saturday,  I put in 970 stitches. I finished page 1 and started on page 2. I can't hardly wait to get back to it in 2 weeks.

Sunday  I took out Gaze and almost finish the first 2 columns.  I stitched into 2:30 am. I was determine to finish the columns but I was making mistakes so I thought it was better to stop. However I did put in 775 stitches.

This week is going be our 3rd heatwave. The temperatures will be reaching near 100 with heavy humidity. I will be staying in my air conditioner and stitch. Have a great week!

Hugs, Vicky

01 July 2013

Lots of stitching! And a Ghost Frog

First is my update on Fright Night Friends.  I realize I didn't have the Kreinik color for the owl's eyes. I ordered and it came on Friday.  I stitched the sign and the "A".  I will be back stitching the owl and the sign, and add a ghost under the "H".

I had picked up Time To Go by Witchy Stitch 'n' Bit.  Unfortunately they are no longer in business. I bought last year and only did almost 2 columns.

  Here it looks before I restarted.

Here it is now, 800 more stitches done and in one day too.  I gave myself Thursday and Friday to stitch on this piece.  Thursday I had a huge headache and I couldn't concentrate. I even had to take an hour nap in the afternoon. Friday I stitched for almost 12 hours. I did take breaks, by cooking meals, cleaning and played a few games.  But my concentration was in the stitching. I see the first page being finish soon.

Saturday and Sunday I stitched on Gaze by Kustom Krafts. Above is the before picture.

Here is what I stitched on Saturday. I put in about 530 stitches. I also watched a few episodes on Drop Dead Diva on Netflix while I stitched.

On Sunday I put in another 650 stitches. I let my needle do the leading and it went across the design. The first vertical rows are done except for 10 stitches or so. I will be going back  to TTG and Gaze in two weeks.

Ghost Frog

A little story I thought I will share:

 I am stitching near the right edge of Gaze and I automatic thought it was a
full 100 squared stitches. When I got to the block below, my heart dropped
because I realize it was 9 stiches going across. I am now thinking I would have to un stitch
my work. Some of the stitches on page 2 could a different color. I went take out
my original pattern to look at page 2 and lo below, all the stitches were the same color.
There for, it was a frog ghost, warning me to be careful, lol, lol

This week I will be stitching on my Halloween SAL,the blue house, LHN Summer Mystery part 1 and maybe LK ABC Lessons.  I am going to a friend's house on the 4th and  have lots of errands to do prior to that plus cooking.. I will see what I can do this week.

I wish everyone a Happy 4th of July to my American friends and family.

Hugs, Vicky