16 May 2012

Stitching update

Where did the time go? It seems to be flying out of my reach lately, and I haven't done anything special.  Can it stop for a few minutes so I can catch my breath? I really have not been stitching much.  I think the computer is the collaborate, as usual,lol. Here is a couple on my works in progress:

 This one is Halloween House and you can see I did a couple of pumpkins and little of the grass. Definitely will be working more on the grass and the boarder next time I stitched on this one.
This one is Born Shopper.  She is coming along and I do like the colors.  I want to get back to her soon. I will be doing the scarf next, where the red line is and hopefully some of the white next time.

I did a couple of Disney's ornaments for a RR.  I love the fabric because it sparkles.  The patterns were a little tough to read because the backstitching was very thick and there were a few quarter and three-fourths stitches right next to the lines.  They were quick to do and did both of them in one week.  The  characters are Lady from "Lady and the Tramp" and Ariel, from "The Little Mermaid".  Lady reminds me of Ryleigh, my friend's cocker spaniel.  Ryleigh and Ginger are now living in Florida, as my friend and her husband prepares the next step in their journey of living in Korea for the next two years.

The pictures above is part of a online class I am taking with one of my Yahoo's group.  I will be putting a stitched piece on a wooden box.  I stitched "Dream" by Joan Elliot on 32 count Rocky Mountain Purple lugana fabric.  I love her patterns.  Matter of fact, her pattern "Sleeping Beauty" will be in the next Cross Stitch Gold magazine. I will be buying it.  I stained the box a Mahogany Bay color.  I will be making a couple of these boxes in the near future for gifts. This one will be going to one of my sisters.

I am stitching a mail art envelope so I can not show that one yet.  I received mine from my partner, Shari. She did a great job and included some extras, needles and floss.  A girl can never have too much of floss and needles.  I covered the information for privacy.  My father brought in the mail and handed to me saying "That is so cool!". He liked it alot.  Thank you Shari!

I had went to a ortho doctor, because my right knee keeps dislocating.  Once it does, I can't walk with out pain until the next day.  The results is severe case of arthritis and my knee cap is off.  I do have it on my left knee, too, but not as bad.  I have two options, to get a artificial knee replacement or cortisone shots, but it will be in the future.  No doctor is not going want to put me under right now and with the weight, finding my joints will be hard for the needles.  It is one step at a time right now and maybe in a year, the knee replacement will be an option.  I am doing good on Weight Watchers. I lost a total of 11 pounds, including the first 7 pounds I gained in the first two weeks.  My leader thinks I am doing great, too.  The weather had been terrible last couple weeks but today it was finally cleared up.  I will be going back to my walking and so looking forward to it. 

Thank you for reading and leaving and comments you wish to leave behind.
Many hugs, Vicky