17 November 2011

A Giveaway

Lesli from Fabulous Frogger  is having a giveaway.  Don't you love her blog title? Its  so creative.  If you love Lavender & Lace patterns, then you have to enter.  Click on the name of the blog.

Edit:  The link should be working now

08 November 2011

A Holiday Giveaway

Jackie from 1 Billion 2 Go  is having a Holiday Contest.  It is opened until Dec 15.  Go over and sign up!

05 November 2011

Stitching and Gifts

I got there lovely gifts from Lisa S for Falling into Halloween exchange on the  Stitched with Love blog.  I LOVE the  cat ornament and the back of it is a little heart charm saying  Made for you.  The wooden box is going fun to paint before next Halloween.  The bats are so cute and I have used a couple already.  The fabric is adorable and I can't wait to start the pattern and ribbons.  Thank you Lisa! You put a lot of thought in my gifts and I appreciate it very much.

 The  two pictures above is what I put together for my partner, Jen.  I had Colleen to email Jen asking her favorite Halloween candy was, and I put a Halloween tin can with Hersheys bars, Reese's peanut butter cups, and Sweet tarts. I gave the rest to my brother, well the Sweet tarts at least, lol. I stitched Punpkin Kat from Bette Ashley in the Simply Cross Stitch Magazine, No 37, 1997.  I wanted to do it in the ornament but it came out too big.  I added Glendon Place  Witch Parking Only, the fabric that was recommended, a few hand dyed threads, stickers, needles, and a pair of socks.  

I made this Witch's Hat by The Stitchworks in the Just Cross Stitch Halloween issue.  I made a couple of  changes, I used gold metallic thread for the stars instead of the orange (didn't have any) and use one of the bats I got from Lisa.  I made it into an ornament and added a gold bead hanger. It was for Vickie H for the ILCSing Halloween Ornament exchange.  I almost kept it for myself.  I like how it came out and Vickie likes it.
 This is Witchy Brew by Witchy Stitches.  It was stitched on 30 count linen and used WDW Lavender for the words. Both the pattern and fabric came from Cape May at my retreat.  I added one of my new bats.  Did I tell you I like the bats a lot?  This one is for me for a chance.
 This lovely needle book is from Denise of UK, sometimes in Saudia Arabia,lol. It was for the Autumn Exchange in the ILCS group.   I love it.  She did a great job.  The below picture is the inside of the needle book.   Thank you Denise! I am waiting for  my partner to get my exchange, than I can show it off. 

As I was writing about the snow, the mail came in and I got a package from my Secret Penpal.  She  sent two mini Christmas ornament and a beautiful Thanksgiving post card.    Next month I get to find out who my penpal is, and I can't wait. I have no idea who it is.  

Until next time,