29 December 2011

End Year Giveaway

My friend,  Vickie of  Reading and Stitching,  had done some cleaning and is giving away some of her stash. Click on the name of the blog, and enter. 

26 December 2011

2012 Crazy January Challenge

Here is my stitching challenge in January 2012.

The rules:

1.  Have fun!!!
2. Goal to finish them by December 31.
3. No NEW stash buying unless I am at a retreat,vacation or my birthday. NO EXCEPTIONS!
4. I will start when I return from Virginia, around January 22.
5. Have fun!!

LHN Coming to America

Poppy Kreations Red, White and Blue

Vee&Co Summer  In the USA

Waxing Moon Designs Witch's Garden

Imaginating Born Shopper by Diane Arthurs

CherryWood  Design Studios A Stitcher's Prayer

LHN Deck the Halls

LHN Gingerbread Village

LHN Bringing Home the Tree

LHN Thirteen Colonies

Chreistmas 2011

Christmas Tree 2011


Amy under the tree

My nephew, Anthony and me

Amy,Dawne, John, and Anthony
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  As you can see I put a few pictures of my Christmas.  I made 5 types of cookies on Thursday, Saturday made the  rice pudding and carrot cake.  Sunday morning, I made ham, pot roast, mashed potatoes, gravy,coleslaw,carrots,corn,broccoli and cheese, and noodle pudding.  Dawne and Amy brought another pot roast, bread,blueberry crumb pie, and banana cream pie.  The second pot roast is made a different way. My family is very fussy.  My dad likes his roast at least rare and my sisters like theirs well done.  They cook another pot roast in the crock pot, and I admit it is so much  better than the way my father likes it. However I overcooked the pot roast in the oven and it was well done.  Well, there is next time. Amy made a chocolate raspberry truffle cake.  I think most deserts will end up in the garbage.  I am leaving for Virginia on Wednesday.  I will be bringing some cookies and carrot  cake on my trip. 
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Many hugs,

25 December 2011


Randi, from My Insanity Has Come Out of the Closet, is having a giveaway.  She is looking for new followers. Just click on the blog's name.

18 December 2011


The first two pictures are the last two days of the 12 Days of Christmas, Days 11 ans 12. On the11th ay, I got Glade Apple cinnamon candle, oil candles, and wall plug-ins.  They smell so good.  My Dad thought  I  was making an apple pie.  On the12th day, I got a very lovely kit.  It is very beautiful and I hope I can start it soon. Thank you Elizabeth for all the gifts you had send me.

These gifts are from my Secret Penpal I have been posting  since August.  This package I got a snowmen stocking,  stuffed snowbaby, Santa chocolate, a few skeins of DMC threads, an ornament, fabric postcard, crossstitch ornament kit, Santa felt kit, and socks.  My penpal is Norma from Creativity Has No Limits blog.  Don't you love her blog title?  She is a mixed-media artist and her blog is fabulous. Check it out.  It has been wonderful getting to know
Norma and looking forward reading her blog in the future and following her creativity.  Thank you Norma!

Snow by Shephard's Bush, threads and button, Peace ornament

I joined a Christmas exchange in my Pens and Needles group. I got stuck on a RR, and it took me awhile to finish it, which got me behind on my exchanges. I got my package from my partner, Lynda, a week ago.  I felt guilty not sending my package out in time, I didn't open it right away.  Today I decided to open it, since I send out my partner's package yesterday.  Oh wow, I was spoiled!  I got a stitched ornament, Snow from Shephard's Bush, which was on my wish list, plus the threads and button that goes with it, ribbons, ric-rack, green, red,and white threads, monthly planner, red and green fat quarters fabrics,buttons, hot  cocoa, a list pad and stationary kit  (pad, journal and a pen.) Thank  you Lynda!

Yesterday was Dad's birthday.  I was up at 7 am, baked  him a carrot  cake, his favorite and homemade ravioli, 234 of them! Yes, I counted them and all done by hand, no machines.  It took me about 13 hours it do, including cleaning.  I leave in ten days to Virginia and  I have so much to do before than.  I  have to finish crocheting a scarf, stitch 2 ornaments, organize my projects for the Crazy January Challenge, and WIPs/UFOs challenge, bake  cookies, and some last minute shopping. Oh and the wrapping and finish decorating. I didn't even start! The tree is up but the cards are not. I am still getting some everyday. 

hugs, Vicky

10 December 2011

Ninth and Tenth Days

On the Ninth Day of Christmas, I got a leaflet of bookmarks patterns and three bookmarks to stitch on.  The patterns are very beautiful and I can't wait to stitch  a couple.  I see a bookmark exchange in the future.  The bookmarks will come in handy since I  am an avid reader.

On the Tenth Day of Christmas, I got a piece of white  evenweave, some glittery silver snowflakes, and a cat key chain.  The cat has a button, when pressed, lights go on and a noise.  It is so adorable and I laugh when I press the button.  I love it!  The snowflakes will be going on my tree soon.  Thank you Elizabeth for the lovely gifts.

I organized a Wishlist Exchange in the ILCSing Yahoo group,where a person sends two items from their partner's wishlist.  Betty send me Little House Needleworks Winter Wonderland and Ginger & Spice Florida Sampler.  I really want to start on Florida Sampler but I got to good and stitch my exchanges first. Thank you Betty!

This is a tease!  These beautifully wrapped presents are filled with these amazing gifts and I can't show you! It is a Secret Santa exchange and until I get the word it;s okay to show, this is all you see for now.


08 December 2011

Seventh and Eighth Days

 Sorry I meant to post yesterday. I got busy stitching and hoping to finish it last night.  I had to frog the boarder and snowman and end up finishing it today. Yesterday on the  seventh day, I got 2 packages of needles and a needle organizer.  I needed the organizer. I keep my needles in a pincushion.

Today, on the eighth day, I got two  boxes of brownie mix.  I thought I was opening a book, because it was heavy, lol.  So I made a pan of brownies. They are very good.  Thank you Elizabeth!

pan of brownies

This is my finish from Little House Needleworks. This is Berly's RR.  It was a quick stitch, which I needed so much.  I had finished Judith's RR and it took me like forever. I forgot to take a picture of her's RR.  The frogs were have a huge party at my house and some came back last night.  I am going have to re-stitch this pattern for myself. Now I need to go do some more stitching.  I got behind on my exchanges, so bad of me.


06 December 2011

The Sixth Day and a gift

On the Sixth day of Christmas, I got  2 Christmas kits, one a Santa and the other an angel.  There are jingle bells to add and when assemble, their limbs move. Man, I could really  freak my brother out by changing their poses.  He will totally freak out if he notices the changes.  I will be trying to stitch them by next Christmas.  I am really excited for tomorrow. Thank you Elizabeth!

Lisa from Mad Stitches had a giveaway and I was the winner.  Lisa is from Cambodia and send a keychain, bookmark and magnet with Cambodia on  it plus a cute cross stitch key chain kit.  I might bring this kit on the train with me later this month  I am sure I can do it  in 10 hours.  Thank you Lisa!


05 December 2011

"On the fifth day of Christmas.... true love gave to me 5 golden rings."  I can literally sing that line because I got rings!  Okay they are not gold or rings I can put on my fingers, but they are rings.  I am wondering if Elizabeth purposing made this gift for Day 5. She also added some floss baggies too.  It brought a smile to my face.  Thank you Elizabeth!

I mailed out  Christmas cards today, 54 of them.  I think I might have to send some more if I can afford to do so.


04 December 2011

Fourth Day

On the Fourth Day of Christmas, the gift was a bag of Hershey's miniatures candy. Sweet!  I can't say no to these minis, especially the Mr. Goodbar.  I don't like the regular size Mr.Goodbar because I can taste the aluminum on the chocolate. Elizabeth has put a lot of thought in her gifts and I am very touched.  Thank you Elizabeth!

03 December 2011

Third Day of Christmas

On the Third Day of Christmas, Elizabeth gave me 2 hoops.  One is 5 inches and the other 7 inches.  This stitching girl can never have enough hoops in her stash.  They will be handy for my challenge next year.  Thank you Elizabeth!  I can't wait for tomorrow's gift.

Well I got my haircut. Alot of hair was cut from my head.  Here is the pile:

Most of the hair is in a bag. There is an organization call Wigs for Kids  so I am hoping to send my hair to them.  It is too short for Lockets of Love organization.  I think 6-7 inches were cut off.  Now do you want to see my new hair do?  Am  I hearing yes? LOL  Ok here is my new hairdo.  The picture is  not the greatest. 

See ya tomorrow!


02 December 2011

Second Day of Christmas

On the Second Day of Christmas, Elizabeth gave to me, a stamped cross stitch kit Love Me Love My Cat., and a monthly planner with a kitten on the cover.  Its so me!  Thank you Elizabeth!
I had to show this  recent finish.  Its for a special friend and on its way.  Hocus Pocus by Lizzie Kate on Silkweavers Spring Garden Opalescent 16 count aida.

See you tomorrow with Day 3. I am getting a haircut tonight. I need it badly,lol.


01 December 2011

First Day of Christmas & Other Stuff

I joined The 12 Days of Christmas exchange in I Love Cross Stitch yahoo group. I am going try to do a daily post. Elizabeth send me this HUGE  box of gifts,and its heavy to lol.  Since its the first day, I get to open a present.  Inside the wrapped gift was:

A Christmas Ornament leaflet from Leisure Arts and name tags in blue and silver. I love the gift and ornament patterns will come very  handy in the couple weeks. Thank you Elizabeth!

Other Stuff

I did some more hand dying couple weeks ago. The first picture is Tan , one on white other antique white on 28 count even weave and both will be gifts.  The middle picture is 2 pieces of Kelly green. I love how they came out.  The last piece is Petal Pink on 32 count even weave. 

For those wondering, I have the Traveling Stash Box.  I  have taken a few stuff which I will show soon.  I will be setting up the giveaway by  the end of next week.  For my Follower's giveaway, it has been postpone until January.  I am leaving Dec28 for Virginia. Maybe if I get something down there, like a souvenir be  added to the giveaway.

I will post tomorrow with gift 2. I cant wait  to see it.