27 February 2015

February Stitch from Stash Report

I did okay for this month.

Running balance:         $6.95
February amount:      $25.00
Spend:                       $19.00
Credits for finishes:    $0.00

Total is:                    $12.95

I am still in my budget! Two months in a row! Whoo-hoo!  I bought these two patterns:

 The Witches of Booville by Stoney Creek was $7.00.  It is a used pattern and I couldn't resist it. The witches are cute.

I got Nora Corbett's Geranium Pixie.  I love her colors.  I want to get her fabric soon but I might wait into April or do her on a white.

 I have to get a business suit for interviews.  I am now looking for part time job.  I need to look the part.  My class is doing Mock Interviews in ten weeks. The Career Director, who oversees all the career centers on all campuses, will be doing the interview.  The teacher wants us to have the full experience of being interview.  So nervous thinking about it now but it will be a good experience.

I have been stitching on my SAL, Fleurs de Ciel. I am still on page 1.  I know I will finish page 1 this weekend, but I do not think I will be done with page 2 by March 10.  I am hoping I can still get the next pages.  I will send her a message next week.

I am so happy March will be here in a couple days.  I am so tired of the cold.  One morning, last week, it was a -5 degrees!  Without the wind chill! When it hits the 40s and 50s, it is going feel so nice!  I can not wait! But we do have some more of that white stuff on Sunday into Monday morning.  I hope I can go to school still.

I hope everyone enjoys the next couple weeks.  I will try to put up another update on my Fleurs when I get to page 2.  Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog.

Until next time,

08 February 2015

Last of Starts, YOTA and Snow!

I did not start 31 projects for Debbie's Ultimate Crazy Challenge but I did come close with 26 new starts. I am not sure how I missed 5, but I do know when I do this next year, I will be a bit more organized.   Now my job is to get some finishes. Here are the last 5 new starts:

 Lizzie Kate Boxer Cinderella is Proof
 LHN The Farmer's Daughter  
The picture is side ways.
 LHN Calendar Girls September

 LHN Calendar Girls December
I have completed LHN Calendar Girls January, February and March last year and I have April almost 2/3rds is almost done.  I have not start November.  The lettering is in 3 colors, so I might find an Autumn variegated thread to do the lettering.  

I have been stitching on Angie's SAL. Fleurs de Ciel.  I am almost done with the second flower.  I hope to have it done tonight and maybe start on the third one.  I need to have Part one done by March 10.  So Fleurs will be my main focus until I get the part done.

I do not have a progress on my YOTA SAL.  YOTA is being hosted by Pulled the Other Thread.  I read on one of the other blogs that the stitcher stitches on her piece for 30 minutes a day.  I will try to do that myself, because it is a good idea and I do want to get some of my UFOs done. Hopefully I will have a progress report on March 7.

It has been snowing so badly here in my world! The last 2 Mondays, my classes have been cancelled due to these snowstorms.  First was a blizzard and the govern put a travel ban on Connecticut highways.  The second storm gave us another 10 inches.  Tonight we are getting another storm and it won't be stopping until late Monday night.  They are predicting another 10 inches with this storm.  I may have tomorrow off too but I won't find out until 5:30 in the morning.  I know I will have to make up the days soon and they will be on a Friday or Saturday.  My teacher thinks most likely on a Saturday.  School on a Saturday! Boy, that will be so weird! Here is some pictures of the lovely white stuff.

 It was snowing on one of the last 2 snowstorms when I took the pictures.  I believe it was just starting.

 This pile of snow is right outside my kitchen window.  My window is above the kitchen sick. So that pile is very huge! 
 The snow on the left side of my patio. 
 A view when I am looking straight ahead from the patio door.
This is from the right side of the patio.  Another big pile in the corner. 

Thank you so much for stopping by and looking at my blog.  

Until next time,