30 September 2011

January Owl and Redecorating

I finally started on the OakHaven Owl SAL.  Kelly from i-love-crossstitch blog and I started on Sunday. I just finished the owl today. I was hoping to finish it on Monday but my bedroom was being redecorated, thanks to my lovely aunts.  They did most of the work.  Monday was moving furniture from the walls and painting the walls.  Here a couple before pics  before the painting.

Tuesday was whenwe moved the furniture around and brought things back into the room.  I love it. Here is the results.

The wall is pink called  Fading Roses.  It took me a long time to decide what color and to find the comforter.  I still have a wall with no pictures on it.  I better get back  to stitching so I can fill up the wall. 

Arlette got her bookmark and needles from me.  The pattern came from Leisure Arts Bookmarks of the Seasons.  I used DMC 4215.  I love how the colors of the thread came out and so wintery looking too. 

Health note:   Sunday, Sept 18, I went the hospital for a pain on my right side with nauseous and a fever. I thought it was my gallstones acting up again.  They were but found out I had an urinary tract infection too. They admitted me in and I was there for three days.  The surgeon  decided it was best to have my gallbladder out but as an outpatient.  So I am seeing the surgeon on Oct 6 and the date for the surgery will be set than.  I am hoping it will be in November so I could go to Virginia for Halloween.  I know I will have appointments before the surgery but I could work around it.  I will know on the 6th whether I will be going or not.

Many hugs until next time,

12 September 2011

Still here!

I am still here!  I have been busy stitching exchanges, so I can't show the work yet.  However, I did get a few exchanges.  The picture above is from my secret pen pal.  She made this note pad herself and its all recycled paper.  It is beautiful and I love it!

This exchange is from Arlette of France for the Bookmark and Needles exchange I organized in the ILCSing group.  I love the card she send.  He is a cute frog.  On the bookmark, it is stitched "A rose is a rose."  If my memory serves me correctly, the quote is from William Shakespeare.  Also stitched is "J'aime lire", which transfers to "I love to read". The needles will come in handy. Thank you Arlette!
In KraftersKorner, I got this lovely exchange from Georgena.  The exchange is to stitch a freebie pattern and to finish it anyway we wanted to do and included 3 skeins of specialty threads.  I love the pattern Georgena chose.  I been wanting to stitch Chocolate Covered Cherries for awhile.  The threads are from Silk and Ivory and they are so soft.  I hope I can find some use for them.  Thank you Georgena!

I do have a finish I wish I could show you. If you can see the bunny in the above picture, it was stitched  for Jane in
U.K.  The exchange was a Summer Holiday theme but I went with Jane's love for bunnies. The pattern is The Checkered  Bunny by Waxing Moon Designs using DMC threads.  Jane did send me the picture of the bunny but I cant get it to download on the blog.  It keeps crashing my browser.

This picture is the goodies Jane send to me.  I was spoiled by her gifts.  Jane stitched a pillow and a ornament and so lovely stitched too.  The threads and rick racks are in my favorite colors, and the beads too and were in the tin box. Jane added some Belgium  candies, a blank bookmark, a hanging fish decor, a tea tart candle. mini flags and two postcards.  I love everything! Thank you so much Jane!  You can seethe other exchange gifts on this blog!

I got another copy of The Chocolate Shoppe.  I was finally able to start on it again  last night.  I am starting  it in the middle of the fabric this time.  I did very little but its a start.  I am going back to  my  stitching and hopefully I will have another finish shortly.

Many hugs,