24 January 2009

Finish My First UFO!

Cold Hands, Warm Hands
by Barbara Ana
14 ct light blue aida

I am doing a happy dance!!!! I finished my first UFO! I am so excited. In my ILCSing group, there was a Change Color Freebie Kit exchange. A freebie pattern was selected, you change the colors in the pattern and kit it up. Cold Hands, Warm Hearts by Barbara Ana was the pattern choosen by the group. Debra was my partner. She did a great job selecting the colors. I love it. I wasnt too sure of the brown in it and the birds are a bit off, but its for me. I am going to put it into a pillow. I have the perfect material for it. Now I must do my monthly ornament or before I know it, it will be February. Bye for now!

18 January 2009

Fabby Blog Award

Thank Kelly for awarding me this Fabulous award. I have to list 5 addictions and 5 fabby friends.
My addictions:

1. My family
2. My friends
3. Cross stitch
4 Broadway music
5 Shopping, especially for stash

I give this award to:

1. Mare
2. Debra S.
3. Kim
4. Karol J
5. Vickie

17 January 2009

My 2nd Finish!

I finished my January Block yesterday! The theme was coffee, so I picked Coffee Crazy by Lizzie Kate. It was a very quick stitch. I changed the colors and used Carrie Creations Tropical Rainstorm, GAST Brair Rose, DMC 209 and 746 on a piece of Sassys Fabbys Olive 14 count aida.
Yesterday, a friend picked me up so I could go for a blood test. After the tech took the blood, the tube slipped from her hands and broke on the floor. She had to repricked me to fill another tube. I felt sorry for her because I know it was an accident. My friend and I went to Walmart. I wanted to pick up some fabric to finish off my cows. I picked out this beautiful white and black print, and waited for the clerk. I waited and waited and waited. No showed up, even though other workers called for the clerk. It kind of ticked me off. If there was no help, than a manager should have came or put a sign up stating no one was available. I did picked up a patroitic tote bag for just a dollar. We went to KFC for lunch and brought the chicken back to my place. Their soda machine was down, and I had soda at the house. Last night I picked up an UFO from my pile, Cold Hands, Warm Heart by Barbara Ana. I put in about 200 stitches, not much for me, but I going to work on it for the rest of this weekend. I will post a picture in a few days.

13 January 2009

My First 2009 Finish and a Fairy Update

I have a first finish for the year 2009. It is a Plaid Cow for an exchange from the Sapphire Stitching group. I will be sending it out this weekend, hopefully with another stitched cow, which was my last stitched item in 2008.

This past weekend I worked on my L&L Fairy Dreams. I haven't worked on her for awhile. So I am posting the first update picture and following with the recent update. I will probably work on her this weekend again, cause she is still calling me to stitch her.
First update
July 20, 2008
L & L Fairy Dreams

Second update
Jan 13, 2009

08 January 2009

I am back!

I got my computer back up and working, Hooray!!! I missed using the computer so much. The last few days I have been catching up on my email and the blogs. Everyone has done such beautiful work. I have done some stitching, and the end of the year, I have stitched 51 pieces. All of them were small or medium size projects. You can see the photos Here. I know the album says 48 items, but I have 3 more photos to put in, which I still need to take.

On Christmas Eve, I went to my cousin's house for a party. I capture a rare picture of my Dad holding Zayden, who is 8 months old. As I was downloading the picture, I realize Zayden is a great-great nephew to my dad. Our family is growing. Here is the picture.
I received 2 more Small Finished Exchanges in the last few months. Vickie H send me a box with a stitched cat wearing a witch's hat. She put ribbon with Boo! around the side covers. It is adorable. Thanks Vickie!

Mylene send me a floss tag. She stitched USA with red, white and blue threads. She added two skeins and a few bobbins to the ring. She did a great job. Thanks Mylene!

I got this beautiful poinsetta christmas ornament from Debbie B. She did a great job. The exchange was a Blind Swap ornament and I got a delicious recipe of cookies. I did made them and they were so good. Definetly a cookie I will be making next season too.

Lately I have been babysitting my cousin's newborn son, Mason Vincent. I took a picture of him last month, when he was 2 months old. He is a big baby and already teething. He has this cutest smile and laugh. I love babysitting him.