26 January 2012

Back Home and Traveling Stash Box

I am back home and I couldn't stitch for a few days.  I have been either shopping or cleaning, and when I thought about shopping I was too tired.  When I got home, found out my brother bought a Kreuig coffee machine.  I am thinking "Cool a fresh cup of coffee everytime".  The first cup came out perfect but after that,the darn thing won't brew.  My brother cleaned out but nothing. I went to Walmart and got myself a new coffeemaker.  We threw the old one away already.  It works perfect and I found mine favorite coffee flavor on the shelf too, and with my new Dale Jr cup, I am a happy camper in the mornings now.

I did some stitching of my UFO on the last week I in VA.  Here is a picture what I did before I left.

I  worked on LHN Peppermint Twist that Thursday.  I didn't do much. My computer got a virus on Monday night and Thursday I was catching up.  My friend is a computer nerd and he was able to to take the virus out, which I am so grateful.  If he didn't fix it, I would be still be without a computer.

On the train, you would think I would be stitching alot with a 10 hour ride.  I was up at 5:30 and I was tired and just couldn't concentrate until in the afternoon.  I just looked outside and listen to my mp3 and I think I took a nap too.  Last night after chatting with my Stitcherhood group, I got the stitching bug in a big way, and I had to stitch while I watched Top Chef.  Here is the picture after the train and last night. I am almost done with the dragon.  However, I have to put it down to stitch a bookmark this weekend and start on Lavender Blue so I can get the next part on time.

Traveling Stash Box

I have won the Traveling Stash Box in November from Julie and Yes Dear.  With the holidays, getting behind on my stitching in December, and going on vacation, the box has been sitting here.  I am getting tired looking at it or tripping over it.  These are the items that are going in the box.  There are a lot of goodies and anyone who wins will have a hard time choosing.  You get the box, you take out what you want but   you need to replace what you take out.  If you take 5 items, than 5 items need to go into the box from your stash.  If you want a chance to win this box, comment on this post.  I cant afford the international postage rate, so it will be going to someone in the States. I will pull a name on Feb 1.

More pics of my friends' pets.  I miss them so much already,lol.


Ryleigh playing shy!


15 January 2012

Halloween House update and exchanges

Dragon Dreams Summer Magic

Most of you know I have been stitching on one of my UFOs, Dragon Dreams and I was able to backstitch the first half of the design. It really made it pop!  I was done on Wednesday night and I had started the other half too.  Not much is done but I will be back stitching it today.  Thursday I needed a break so I started on Peppermint Twist by Little House.  The picture above is what I accomplished. I think every Thursday, I will be stitching on a Christmas related piece.
 This is week 2 on my Halloween House SAL. I, also, stitched it on Saturday.   I just didn't want  to put it away for another week yet. You can barely see the ghost by the green roof, except for the tail.  I am not  sure how much I will get done next Friday.  I will be packing to head back home to cold Connecticut.
This is my friend's Christmas tree. I love it and it is so pretty.  It is still up, lol.
 A journal and a  day book from Vickie H for the 12 Days of Christmas exchange. The  Jane Austen daybook came from England and so far I am writing in it everyday.
 More gifts:  a scissors fob with a crown at the end, metallic threads, 3 pieces of material: purple,  green and cream with gold speckles, and a few ornament kits with the threads,patterns from JCS 2011 magazine and material.

The last two days I had opened 2 kits: Lizzie Kate Boxer Summer and Sunset Bag Ladies.  It is a kitty pattern and I love it.  Not sure when I will get to it.   The last pictures are the pets, Zoey and Sammy.

Isn't she a little princess sleeping on the pillow, which is  the perfect size for her.


Many hugs,

07 January 2012

New Year 2012

2012 has started and I am  in Virginia, visiting my friends.  This picture is their cat Piper. Isn't she a beauty?  Last time I was visiting,  I forgot at times she was in the house because she stayed upstairs majority of the time. This time she has escaped from the house at least three times this week!  
 This is my last finish of 2011. It was finished on Friday, Dec 30.  I just couldn't sew together until a couple days ago,  I caught my friend's cold and I have been sick all week.   I just don't have the energy to stitch when I want to, so my stitching has been slow.  I haven't even read as  much either.  This ornament is from Leisure Arts Christmas ornament leaflet I got from Elizabeth in my 12 Days of Christmas exchange.  I stitched the snowman on red aida and used 2 threads of red for Merry Christmas.  It is on its way to its new home. 
 This is my new journal for the year. I love it because it says Paris and Eiffel Tower on it.  Paris is the one city I want to visit, which I might do when I turn 50.  I am doing another12 Days of Christmas with my friend Vickie of Reading and Stitching.  Her box arrived yesterday and I opened the first gift that was marked.  It was a Jane Austen day book from England. I am going to try write in it everyday, even it is just mundane stuff.  I could keep track of what I stitch everyday.  I will show a picture on my next post.
Haunted Halloween by Ursula Micheal
 I have joined 2 SALs this year.  This is the first one, Haunted Halloween by Ursula Micheal.  I am stitching this with Linda from Stitching with My Furbabies. This is a little more bigger than I thought it was going to be.  I had to order the materials on Dec 31 and had send to my friend's house so I can start on time.  It arrived yesterday on the 6th.  I started on it immediately and did  part of the roof while supper was cooking.  I'll get back to it next Friday.
This was my new start of the year, Snow by Shephard's Bush.  I thought this was going by my first finish but I ran out of GA Oatmeal thread.  I have some more at home. I will finish it when I get home.  I love how its coming out.  Sorry the picture is bad,  I took a quick one and didnt realize there was a piece of green ort on it until now.

The weather has been beautiful here.  There has only been one or two cold days and the rest of time very warm.  The nights are cold though.

Many hugs until next time,


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