17 August 2008

Brunch, Baby shower and My mom

Today was a busy day. First I went to church for a memorial mass for my aunt. Her first anniversary of her death is next week. Since I was in the hospital last year, this was my chance to say "goodbye". I still miss her and I always remember her when I make potato salad. She was allergic to green peppers so I will put a small amount aside for her. I still want to put aside for her.
The biggest surprise for the day was when Amy showed up for the mass. I was not expecting her to come from Cape Cod. She has a new hair style, which is short and naturally curly. I am so jealous with envy. I wish my hair was like that. As you can tell I dont see my sister too often. The family went to San Marino for a brunch. My nephew was trying to get his cousin's attention by saying "Hi Debbie" and when she acknowledge him, he got all shy. It was so cute.
I went to a baby shower, a cousin's girlfriend is expecting a boy on September 26. She got some cute stuff. There was a onesie with FBI on it and underneath said Fat, Bald and Innocent. It was adorable. She got a bouncer, a chair, a stroller, and lots of clothes and washclothes. Another cousin is due February 12. She is just 14 weeks along so too early to know if its a girl or a boy.
When I got home, I got a call from my aunt, my mom's sister. My mom is getting 2 tests done tomorrow, a colonscopy and the one that goes down the throat for a look at her stomach. I know she was having pain in her stomach for a week now. I hope it is not another obstruction. That will mean another operation and she had one a year ago in September. The last time she had a colonoscopy, we almost lost her. So the whole family is really nervous for tomorrow.

On the stitching note, I did finish stitching Viv's SFE, just have to finish it and send out, which I will do this week. I am stitching Debra's SFE and than her RR, which I forgot on my list. I am almost done with my August ornament too. Just have to finish adding the beads. Hopefully by next week, I will have a picture to show.


Meari said...

Busy weekend! Sounds like you had a good one, tho. :)

Anonymous said...

I'll keep your Mom in my prayers. I do hope all goes well with her tests. My Mom has similar issues and just had surgery in January for an obstruction. (Her second)
Looking forward to seeing your new finishes.