27 April 2009

Stash Mail!

Around 12 noon, my front doorbell rang. I am thinking who was at the door, and it was the UPS man. He had a huge box for me from Port Orange, Florida. I knew immediately it was from my friend. He works for a Goodwill store and he came across a pile of cross stitch stash. I was in stash heaven this afternoon. There were patterns, mostly teddy bears and couple Paula Vaughn, and material, a couple good size pieces. However, there was a sweat shirt and a sweater with started patterns. The patterns were not in the box. I have no idea what to do with them. I might try to take out the stitches of one of them but the other is pretty huge and look like it was almost done. I never took out stitching with a waste canvas before. Any hints how to do it will be helpful.
My aunt and uncle from Cape Cod was in Connecticut this past week. They took me out for dinner for my birthday. We went to The Olive Garden. Since I am trying to keep my sugar levels down, I got a diet coke and a water. My aunts order a Raspberry Creme soda which I took a sip, oh my god, it was to die for, but I stayed with my diet soda. They also gave me a $50.00 debit gift card. Do I hear more stash calling to me?


Sadie said...

How kind and thoughtful of your friend. It sounds like you have had an awesome birthday this year, with more stash to come!

Meari said...

Probably the best way to take out the stitching is to wet the piece, pull out the waste canvas threads. Let it dry, then remove the actual stitching.

What a fun mail package for you! Lucky girl. :)

Mel said...

What a great surprise package! :)

Sandra said...

Good things happen to great people Vicky! Enjoy your new stash. Your friend must be a very warm person.

Debra said...

What a nice package. Waste canvas is easy to take out, just remember when you are done stitching to leave enought canvas to grad a hold of, I use needlenose pliers and pull the canvas out. Don't pull up it can mess up your stitching.