08 September 2009

Book Challenge 2009

I am joining with a friend for a 10 book challenge. The challenge is to read 10 books by the end of 2009. I decided to do this challenge since I love to read. Here are the 8 out of the 10 books I have picked. I might change a couple of them later but I will see when the time comes.

1. The Chocolate Bridal Bash by JoAnna Carl finished 9/19/2009
2. A Stitched in Time by Monica Ferris
3. Eclispe by Stephanie Meyers
4. Marked by Kristen Cast and P.C Cast
5. The Wedding by Danielle Steel
6. The Accidental Virgin by Valerie Frankel
7. The Nanny by Melissa Nathan
8. Cyber Cinderella by Christina Hopkinson
9. not sure yet
10. not sure yet