18 November 2009

UFO Weekly and a Finish!

Dragon Dreams Magic Summer

I worked on my UFO again on Tuesday night. I had it sitting on my desk all week, to remind myself to stitch on it. Tuesday came and I almost forgot. If Kelly didn't remind the group, I probably would not have stitched on it. I put in another 167 stitches, so that is a total of 328 stitches in two weeks. Not much but I didnt stitch on it until 11 pm until 1 am.
Mill Hill Ornament Kit
Clara, from The Nutcracker Series

I finished the Mill Hill ornament, Clara, from the Nutcracker series. She came out sparkly and pretty. I did have a mixup on the beads but I kept it as is, since there was not much of a difference and it was going on my tree.

Also on Tuesday, I had went to the foot doctor. He cut my toenails. Now my toes are pretty again. My friend and I went to Walmart, and I got myself a new purse and a scarf. I tried to show it off to my brother, but he couldn't care less, men!

Well that is it for now. I will have a new update next week.
Happy Stitching!


Carolyn NC said...

Nice finish and stitching!

Mel said...

Great finish, and the dragons are coming along!

Kelly said...

I am glad you picked your dragons back up again, it is looking really good and every stitch counts towards finishing it.
Your ornament is really lovely.

Shelley said...

Every stitch counts! Happy to see so many on ILCS working on their UFOs. If I had one, or some, I'd join in. It's an awesome way to finish out the year. Clara looks very pretty and I am sure she will sparkle on your Christmas Tree.

Mylene said...

Mill Hill ornament is soooo cute.

Good progress on the dragon.

Nancy M said...

Glad to see you're getting some time in on the UFO, and the Mill Hill will be so nice and sparkly on your tree.

Debra said...

Everything is looking good.

Ranae said...

I love the MH ornie, it so pretty.
I like the music you have on too.

Debra said...

Vicky, did you get the Christmas spider???