23 February 2010

Thank You Karen!!!

Thank you Karen for the lovely gifts from the 12 Days of Christmas exchange. I loved everything. I am sorry this thank you is so late. My brother moved my stuff around while I was gone. I am still looking for stuff he moved around. This is only a few of the gifts I got from Karen. I also got a beautiful scissor fob and Little House Needleworks Music and Books pattern. I will be doing that pattern twice, one for me and one for my friend. Somehow not all the pictures went thru and I am not sure why but thank you again Karen.


Shari said...

aren't those exchanges great!?!? I love doing them! I always feel like I don't send enough, but I enjoy them! You got some neat things!!!!!
Oh how hard, having to find your stuff!!!
thanks for visiting & commenting on my blog. I tried to reply, but I guess I do not have your email address!!!

Sarah Lindfield said...

What lovely gifts I just adore these exchanges x