16 July 2010

One Day Country Gal and Next Day City Girl!

Don't you love the title of this post? It is so true when I spend my 2 days with my friend, Rich. Tuesday morning my aunt comes picks me up at 830 but we didn't leave here until almost 930(waiting for my nurse). It is almost an hour to Branford from Waterbury plus my aunt's GPS took us on the back roads. My aunt would have gotten lost without it and its a wonder she didn't have one years ago. As we were waiting for Rich and his mom come down from their room, a guy came up to my aunt and asked her if she can bring him to down the street. He missed his taxi and had a business meeting he had to go. My aunt said yes which shock the heck out of me. My aunt can be very dramatic at times and will think of anything that can go wrong. The guy did seem harmless and he was, thank goodness. I did call her a couple hours later to make sure she got home okay.
From Branford, we went to Mystic, and yes, the same town, Mystic Pizza, the movie with Julia Roberts, was set in. (in case wandering minds wanted to know). The town is close to Rhode Island state line. First we went to Equinox for lunch. Oh my goodness, I order the Thanksgiving sandwich, which is turkey and stuffing with a side of onion rings. The sandwich was so thick, it was like 3 inches tall. The bread alone was very thick and combined the 2 slices, was a good inch and half. It was totally amazing, the kind of sandwiches you see on the Food Network.
After lunch, we went to Old Mystick Village, which is a collection of stores and restaurants, plus a movie cinema. This is where I was the country gal for the day. It was almost stepping back in time where there was no cars or technology stuff. There was a church, which had a clock that chimed on every hour and a meeting house, plus a windmill. There was a lake in the middle of the village with lots of ducks and wooden paths and bridges. The last time I was here in 2005, a couple months before Rich left CT to lived in Florida. At that time, there was stores in a lot of the buildings and just before the economy went bonkers. Today, some stores had closed down including a craft store I was looking forward going again.
First store we went to was Raining Cats and Dogs, dedicated to all cats and dogs. It is an awesome store for pet owners, which includes Rich and his mom, who owns a cat each. Between the both of them, Rich had to bring the packages to the car, plus Rich had bought a garden flag with the pole and he didn't want to carry the pole with him the whole day. Rich's mom went to the silversmith while I went to sit on a bench. Rich came back and we were talking a bit when his mom came back and dragged him back to the silversmith. Apparently, they were closing their doors because the owner was retiring. Their sales were fantastic and his mom bought him a couple of rings at a very good price.
The next store was Franklin's General Store. They sell the best fudge in the world, well at least in New England area. They sell preserves, jams, jellies, relishes, Vermont cheddar cheese and lots of other stuff. One of the items I got was popcorn on the cob. You put in the microwave and it pops off the cob. I gave it to my dad because he had been on a popcorn kick. I had to get some fudge which was very good. They can ship the fudge to you except in the summer. So I have to wait until September if I want to get some more.
I went to Taylor's Sports Shop while Rich went to Imagine store. His mom went to another store. Imagine store is novelites from the 60s and 70s. Rich is obsessed with this era. I had to check out the Nascar stuff in the sports store, hence the pic of 88 shirt flag, lol. Everyone met up at the sports store, and Rich's mom wanted to go to The Country Store and I wanted to go to Munson's Chocolates (CT's best chocolate store). They went back into the sports store and I walked to The Country Store to meet them there. Well, they went to Munson's looking for me and found me in front of the other store. Rich and I went to Munson's and as we were walking there, we went by the North American store and we spotted cacti growing outside. Now, this is Connecticut and cacti does not grow in our moisture climate. Rich went inside and was told, in the winter, they dig up the cacti and bring them inside and replant them in the summer.
After Munson's, we went to have supper,since it was around 5 pm. We went to The Steak Loft, which is in the village too. Rich and his mom both order the cod and I had BBQ chicken and ribs. Their dinners were a disaster, with the fish not tasting right and the potato was ice cold. My food was piping hot including the mashed potatoes. They had baked potato and steamed veggies with the salad bar. Their fish dinner was taken off the bill and manager came to apology too. I think the chef should have because it was his mistake.
Rich took be back home to Waterbury. He came inside, while his mom waited in the car, and we made final details for the trip to New York City. That was my day as a country gal.
I went to bed around 9 pm. I wanted to take the first train to Stamford and it was straight through with no transfers. I had to wake up at 330 am and leave by 415 to catch the train downtown. About half an hour I went to bed, the electricity went off. I use a mask at night and the mask stopped working when we lose electricity, which also meant my alarm clock went off. When my mask stopped working, I woke up. I got up to get my cell phone, which has an alarm in it, and set the time. By than, the electricity went back on. I reset my alarm clock and went back to sleep. Around 130, the electricity went off again. This time it was off for an hour and I was sleeping lightly because I couldn't sleep good without my mask. The power came back on and I put my mask on for a good solid hour of sleep, which I needed. My brother had stayed up until 330 and woke me up so I could leave on time. That was very nice of him to do that and I didn't expect that from him.
This started my day as a City Girl. I used my wheelchair to go to NYC because I knew it will be easier for me plus my doctor wanted to use it too. I stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a coffee on my way and I caught the train on time. I was in Stamford by 730 am. The station had a DD too so I got an ice coffee, plus a donut, went to plug my chair to charge up while I waited for Rich. I, also, brought with me some stitching and I got a couple hours of stitching. Rich and I met and we got our tickets to NYC. We were in NYC by 11 am. I have been to New York City before, but everytime I go, I am always amaze by the amount of people and how tall the buildings are.
We got to the station and we were going to take the subway. I was kind of looking forward to the ride because I never took the subway before. However, there was no elevators for me, just escalators. So we went to the info desk to find out about the buses. All buses in NYC are wheelchair accessible. We found out we were only 5 blocks away from the theater, so we walked. Or I should say, Rich walked and I rolled, lol. We found the theater but we had time on our hand, since Mary Poppins was not starting until 2 pm. Instead of crossing the street to get to the theater, we just stayed on Madison Ave and at the end of the first block was Ruby Tuesdays.

w Ruby Tuesdays is Rich's and my favorite restaurant. We will go to one every time we went shopping in the malls while Rich was living here. He says the Ruby Tuesdays in Florida sucks. I dont know because I have not been to one yet. He said it was very fitting we found Ruby Tuesdays plus it was for my birthday too. The food was good, the atomsphere was busy but pleasant, and Rich would gawked at our waiter when ever he could. The poor waiter's name was Rich, too, lol. Across the street from Ruby
Tuesdays was Red Lobster. I loved the lobster sign they used at the top of their door.
We went to the theater, and still had some time. So we went to the wax museum next door. That is where we took pics of Johnny Depp, The Rock, Micheal Jackson and Nicholas Cage. Nicholas Cage did not come out good because he was behind the glass and the buildings were reflecting off of them.
Rich took out the tickets for Mary Poppins, gave me my ticket and we went into the theater. We stopped by the souvenirs counter and Rich got a program ( he collects them) and the music cd. I got a coin purse that was a tiny version of Mary Poppin's sachet. It is so adorable. We went into the theater and Rich asked the usher where I can charge my chair. I figure since I was not going to use it for 2 and half hours , it might as well be charging. We walked to our seats, which were front rows sides on left side of the stage. Right below us was the orchestra, which was awesome to see so close.
We chatted and looked at our playbills, and waited to started. The first notes started to play and the musical of Mary Poppins started. If I had to summed it up in one expression, it will be "WOW!WOW!WOW!" The tricks were so awesome and I loved the music very much. I love musical anyways so this up my alley. There was in one song, Bert started dance-walk up the side of the stage and was upside down dancing. It was amazing. We were so close to the stage, we saw the strings, but to the kids in the audience, they did not see them and you can hear them get excited. Even the adults appreciated the trick too. When they got to the finale, I got up and clapped with the music as they were dancing and singing. I just loved it so much.
Thank you so much Rich! It was one of the best birthday gifts I could ever get! I loved and enjoyed every minute of it.
After the musical was over, we got our pictures taken with a cardboard figure of Mary Poppins. We headed back to Grand Station. We saw the Chrysler Building at a distance and we were walking by the NYC Library. I wanted to go see it. I was disappointed the Adult Circulation was located at another building, too far to go, but it was very interesting. The security was so tight too. They checked your backs as you go in and out. We stopped at McDonalds for something to eat for the train ride back. We got on the train. Rich got off in Stamford, where his car was. I stayed on until I got to Bridgeport, transfer over, and got to Waterbury a little after 9 pm. I put my mp3 on with Mary Poppins playing, and I got home around 1030. I wished my brother a happy birthday, since it was his birthday and I went straight to bed. I was exhausted plus I had to be up by 9 the next morning for my doctor's appointment. That was my day as a City Girl.

If you reached this part, thank you so much for reading my long post. I just had such a great time with Rich, I just had to blabbered it all out. I have more pictures of my two days in my album, just click on here. Next post will be on stitching stuff.

Many hugs,


Annie said...

What a wonderful couple of days! Glad that it all went so well and that you had such a great time. The pictures are a wonderful reminder of your days.

Emily said...

Sounds and looks like a very fun and busy couple of days.

Carolyn NC said...

Sounds like an awesome trip!

Mylene said...

So good to hear you had a wonderful time.

Scattered Threads said...

I enjoyed your story and found it very funny at times. Sound like you had a really good time. Thanks for posting dear.

Deborah said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful few vacation days!! My kind of vacation also!! I never thought of recharging my wheelchair while I am out. Great idea!! Dah!! I have always made sure of the time of use and how much I thought I had left!! Happy Belated Birthday also!!

Love and Hugs!!

Debra said...

Wow Vicky that sounds like it was a lot of fun and it was great to hear about your life other than stitching. LOL! You took a lot of great pictures, I looked at the other pictures too.

Felicity said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. It seems you had lots of fun. I spent many teen years in the town where Travers was born so your Mary Poppins pic caught my attention. As Annie said (read left), pics are a great way to remember nice days out during summer.