04 January 2011

A New Year, A New Start

Isn't this baby a cutie? My cousin from Las Vegas came for a visit around Christmas time, and this is her son, Tristan. My aunt had adopted my cousin from Korea when I was 13. My sister, Amy, and Jenn became insparable since the day they met. Even though Jenn didnt speak English, they communicate to each other. I believe because they are near the same age, Amy was the first person Jenn met at her own age when Jenn came to America. Now Jenn has this cute, happy baby. It was so nice to her again and to meet Tristan.

On my 12 Days of Christmas, here are Days 8, 9 and 10. On Day 8, was the lamp card kit, Day 9 was the cute gingerbread man ornament, and on Day 10. was Little House Needleworks Chocolate Shoppe. On Day 11 (no pic yet)
I got some blue 14 count aida. Tomorrow is Day 12 and the last day of the exchange. I am going to miss opening up a present everyday.

See this basket? It has about 20 or so of patterns I got in the last year. I am determined to work from this basket. I am not doing the 15 Wips that my other stitchers, friends are doing. I will cheer them on. I just couldnot see myself starting a new project every day for 15 days. My other goals is to work on a couple of UFOs, LK ABC Lessons, and LHN The Library.

With a new year, I always have to do a new start. I was going start on Mirabilia's The Seaside Kingdom, but I decided to stick with something from the basket. I picked out Country Cottage The Book Store. The fabric is hand dyed by me in the color of purple. The picture is not the greatest
I am stitching the model one over one, another tiny stitching project. I cant wait to get more colors on there to make that blue to pop.

Today is Tuesday, and the first Tuesday of the year, so I am going to work on my UFOs. I am picking up Dragon Dreams Summer Magic again. Sigh. I will be posting it by Thursday my update. I just discover I have over 100 followers. I will be doing a giveaway soon, so be on a look out for it.

many hugs,


blueladie said...

What a cutie Vicky. He looks so happy! :) What a great exchange! I can understand that you will miss opening a present a day. I used to do this for my daughter. Nice gifties! TFS! :) Cathryn

Meari said...

LOL, look at that CUTE face!! Adorable.

Nice gifts from the 12 Days.

Emily in NC said...

What a chubby happy baby. Like the fabric for your new start. Good luck with emptying that basket.

htimcj said...

What a cute little baby! He seems so happy!
I love the purple you dyed your fabric. Looks great!

Carol's Stitching said...

Sounds like you have lots to keep your needles busy this year. Love the color of the fabric you dyed and looking forward to reading your upcoming blog updates. The baby is adorable!

Gabi said...

What an adorable little bundle.
Love your new start. :)

Anonymous said...

He is so cute. Great gifts from the 12 days of Christmas.


AFwife99 said...

I have a big basket of kits to work on this year as well. My goal is to not buy anything for stitching this year, but just work with what I have.

Carin said...

Love the baby photo !

Penny said...

I love the bib cool dude huh he is so cute. Great on working through the basket. I didn't do the 15 either I am doing the ufo and I have a tin of UFO pieces that I'm doing. Look forward to seeing your work.

Joy said...

He is a cutie!! Nice exchange gifts.