06 February 2011

TUSAL and a pile of snow!

Here is my TUSAL after the first month. I am kind of impress. I didn't have any finishes in January, there is quite a bit of orts in the jar. I am working on a couple of exchanges to do this week but with a couple storms coming in, I will have more stitching time.
This pile of snow is in front of my building. Wondering where the snow came from? The pile came from the roof. It had to come off or the roof might have caved in. In January, there was very few days with temperatures above 32 degrees F and there was several snowstorms in New England, including Connecticut. The snow couldn't melt and the piles of it was putting lots of weight on the roofs. I put the news on, and there is a new story of a building coming down. Yesterday, a second abandon building came partially down in Waterbury.
Friday morning, at 3 am, the fire department was called because there was a bulge on the overhead of the deck. They called, or put us on the list, for the building inspector to check the roof and to be prepare to evacuate. He came at 4 pm and said the structure was solid but remove the snow. So Friday night and half day Saturday, in the rain, a couple of guys removed the snow. Yesterday and today, the temperatures were over 35, so I am taking it is a sign spring is on the way. Here is a few more pics of the snow pile.
When I open the door, this is in front of me. Picture below, the walkway is blocked but there is another way to my left to get to the cars.

The giveaway will be on my blog this week!

Many hugs,


Mouse said...

COOOOO that is a lot of snow ... thankfully your roof was ok :) ooooo give away .... like those heheh love mouse xxxx

blueladie said...

Wow! All that snow would freak me out Vicky! Beware when it melts. :( Cathryn

Debra said...

snowed in

Kathy said...

That is one BIG pile of snow. I can picture any kids in the area wanting to climb it. :) We have mounds like that in every parking lot. :) I for one can't wait for spring. I do think the warmer temps of the last couple of days are just teasers. :(

Carol's Stitching said...

Wow! :) That is a lot of snow! Take care of yourself and enjoy your stitching! Looks like your ORT jar is getting lots of use. Happy Stitching!

Debbie said...

You really had too much snow!! Hoepfully spring comes soon.

Happy stitching!

Daffycat said...

That is an impressive pile of ORTs!

Anonymous said...

That is a lot of snow, take care of yourself.


Carolyn NC said...

That is definitely a pile of snow - be careful!

Joanie R. said...

That is quite a pile of snow.
Please include me in your drawing, now back to checking out the rest ofyour blog.

Joanie R.
Ps: I love these patterns, this one is still on my to buy list!

draggie69 said...

Wow - look at all that snow - I'm jealous! In the Pacific Northwest, we don't get snow like that - we're lucky to get "dusted" each year :)

I have an ort jar from last year that I started and filled, but don't know what to DO with it now. So I started a new one and it's being filled much more quickly than the last one I did - guess I'm getting in more stitching time :)

Beautiful "granny"! I haven't done those in years - makes me want to get out a hook and make an afghan.