31 December 2012

End of 2012 and Start New Year 2013!

These lovely gifts came from Shirlee for the Christmas exchange on the Stitched with Love Exchanges blog.  The ornament was stitched with my favorite Christmas colors, blue and silver, and so beautifully put together.  I am going hate to put it away for next year. Plus I got q-snaps huggies, aida fabric, scissors, cat needle minder, and a bar of shea soap, which smells so good. Thank you Shirlee!

These are the gifts I gave to Jayne.  Some silk threads, scissors, Sue Hillis Spool Tree pattern, fabric, erasable highlighter, and a stitched pillow. The stitching took me awhile because the greens in the dress was very random. Near the end, I added green where I think the green should go, but the gold specks are uniformed.  I stitched the skin one over one, which was more easier to do than the dress. Here is a close up.

a freebie from Whispered by the Wind
25 count Stormy Clouds
DMC and Kreinik gold

Earlier this year, I joined an online class to make a top stitch box. I gave the box to my sister.  I decided to make another box for my second sister.  I stitched the top, stained and lined the box as I was taught.  Everything looked great.  (My sister came Sunday before Christmas.  She had to work a double shift on Christmas).  The only thing I had to do was attached the screws. No big deal, so I thought. I had the last laugh on that one. I am screwing the hardware on and they aren't getting tighter.  I am putting pressure and turning and turning, but it seemed the holes were too big  for the screws.  Because I got behind stitching, I put in a lot hours to get this box done in a weeks time and  the screws were too small.  I was so disappointed and frustrated.  I was going to get another box and send it to my sister in January. I took the stitch part off the box and made it into a wall hanger. I gave it to her next day, which she said she liked better than the box because she can hang up somewhere now. I guess it worked out but I am still disappointed with the box.

Dream by Joan Elliot
32 count Rocky Mountains even weave
DMC threads and beads

Hope by Joan Elliot
32 count Rocky Mountains even weave
DMC threads and beads

Merry Christmas by iStitch designs
25 count Stormy Clouds
stitched one over one, DMC threads

A picture to show how small the ornament is.
My sister , Amy, posing for me.

I had signed up in an Advent exchange with the Stitcherhood group.  These are just a few items I received. I, also, got needles, fat quarters fabrics, floss bobbins, another ornament, 4 out 6 Lizzie Kate Snow Belles and Lizzie Kate Santa '12 pattern.

Snowman towel on Day 10
 Stoney Crerk Snow Happens on Day 23

My first day gift, crystal snowman ornament.

Snowman candy jar with M&Ms peanuts and Almond joys, my favorites.
 Day 25 Glendon Place Murky Manor.  I hope I can start it in the coming year.  It was on my wish list.

Part of my Christmas tree.  The snowman ornament was stitched by Pat, I received this year. This is a new tree this year and all the ornaments barely got on there.

This past weekend, I stitch a little more on Lady Slipper.  The dress is starting to form and I think I am going to make it my weekend stitch. I do want to finish her by my birthday in April.  I am not making too many goals this coming new year.  I seem to make my goals too high, and than I feel bad not making them.

My goals for 2013:

1. Lose 25 pounds before my Las Vegas retreat 
2. Exercise 3 times a week for a period 20 minutes.
3. Finish Lady Slipper by April 21.
4. Finish 6 more projects I had started
5. Stitch 4 pages of HAED The Accolde.
6. Stitch 4 pages on Witches 'n Bits Time To Go
I think the goals are doable.  

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and this coming New Year will be filled with lots of finishes, good health, and happiness.  Happy New Year 2013!

Hugs, Vicky 


Meari said...

What wonderful exchanges, Vicky.

I know it's too late for the box this time... One thing you can do about the holes on the box: Stick a toothpick in the hole and break it off. Then screw the screws in. The fatter toothpicks work better than the thinner ones.

Good luck with this year's goals.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

You had a great Christmas with all the exchanges!!! The piece you stitched for your sister is beautiful. Now you have a box all ready to be used for another gift. Your goals are doable.
Happy New Year!!!!
Betty in AZ (ILCS)

EvalinaMaria said...

Happy New Year and good luck with your goals!

OctoberLace said...

Vicky, you got some lovely things in your exchanges. You also have some great goals for 2013. I wish you luck in reaching them.

Linda M said...

Everything is beautiful. I was drooling all over my keyboard! May 2013 bring you joy and happiness. And good luck with your goals - take it one step at a time.

Anonymous said...

Wishing you all the best with your goals. Your ornaments are beautiful and you got great gifts for the exchanges.

Happy New Year.


Shanda said...

*Squeeee* I love all the snowmen!! That box-not-box is just gorgeous!! Beautiful work, awesome exchanges!! Doable and good goals!! I know you can do it!!

♥ Nia said...

Wonderful gifts and exchanges!! :)
Happy 2013!! :D

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness what an update wonderful exchanges and wonderful stitching Xxxx

MaryT said...

Vicky really lovely stitching. I love the way the box came out so pretty.

Mary Louise

Patches said...

Glad you liked the exchange stuff. Bummer about the box. Am working on loosing weight myself

Carolyn Robbins said...

I love the hope piece. From your new follower!