19 August 2013

Exchanges and Stitching

 First a couple exchanges, mainly because Blogger set it up this way, lol. Mare from NJ send me this stitched towel of fishes with some summer looking threads, 3 from Ozark threads and a Weeks Dyes skein. It's very adorable and I love it. Thank you Mare,.
 This beautiful ornament is from Georgena from The Stitcherhood group. She did a wonderful job!Now a new ornament for my tree. Thank you Georgena!
 Here is a close-up of the ornament.
I did start on my Summer Love. I will starting on the leaves this week.  I was suppose to start on the maps but I didn't get to them. I got a Limited edition of Liberty by Hand-dyed Fabrics by Stephanie. It is gorgeous! I was going put Mirabilia Lady of Freedom on it but it is not big enough. It will fit but I won't have enough for framing.Two of the sides would be 1/2 inch from the stitching.  So I am going to put Queen of Peace on Stephanie's fabric and I can order a Liberty piece from Silkweavers, or wait until next year to get a bigger piece.

I forgot to take picture of my FNF on my camera. There is an updated picture on my tablet but Blogger doesn't want to download my pictures from my tablet. This morning I went take my SD card out of the computer and it won't come out. For some reason I check to see if the computer will recognize the card, which it did the night before, but this morning the computer didn't. I finally got the card out and the camera is saying there is no SD card in the camera. Somehow the card is not working. I will be getting a new card in couple weeks. I can download  on my Facebook from the tablet, but not everyone uses Facebook. Some people will miss some updates but I will catch up when I get the new card.

Have a wonderful good couple weeks!!



Shanda said...

OH NO! So sorry about the SD card!! I hate it when stuff like that happens!! Exchanges are awesome and great start on your project!!

Shanda said...

OH NO! That's awful about the SD card! I'm so sorry!! Great start on your project! Love the exchanges!

MaryT said...

Sorry about your SD card. Vicky I sometimes scan my stuff. Love all of your exchanges.
Mary Louise

Linda said...

Great exchange pieces Vicky and I love your new start.


glenda said...

Fabulous exchanges!

Ruth said...

Very nice exchanges. Great start on your new piece. Love the fabric color. Ruthie

htimcj said...

Bummer about the SD card. I hate it when they randomly fail. Your exchanges are very nice!
Heidi- ILCS

Mylene said...

Lovely exchanges!!

Anonymous said...

You did great with your exchanges. Everything is beautiful!!!
Thanks for sharing.
Betty in AZ (ILCS)

mdgtjulie said...

You just gotta love technology!!! I hope you didn't lose anything major, Vicky. The exchanges are wonderful. And grats on your progress. Have you put any stitches in your Time to Go recently? I'm still on page three. (And have been for quite a while.)

Meari said...

What a pain with the SD card. Nice exchanges.