14 October 2013

Halloween exchanges and Autumn

Double Double by Lizzie Kate
JCS Halloween issue 2013
14 count Grasshopper (left) and Potter Purple (right)
DMC threads

Past week, I send some exchanges and a few had reached their new home.  The Double Double  ornaments above is designed by Linda Elbright of Lizzie Katie in the JCS Halloween issue. The grasshopper aida was send to RavenSong in the Stitching Sisters group. The purple aida, called Potter Purple, was send to Jennifer in AZ from The Stutcherhood group. I used the DMC threads.

Halloween by Glory Bee
JCS Halloween issue 2013
28 count Delicate Teal by Silkweavers
DMC threads

Halloween is stitched by Glory Bee for Mary Louise in IN.  The design was stitched on 28 count Delicate Teal using the recommended DMC threads. I do need to center my pieces a little bit better and stay away from the binders clips.  They are leaving indents on the ornaments and I don't know why.
 I received a couple ornaments too.  This pumpkin was stitched by Jennifer from IN. She used a velvet ribbon for the inside trimming.  On the back she machine embroidered my name and hers.  Awesome idea!  Thank you Jennifer!

This beautiful ornament was stitched by RavenSong in CA. I loved how she put it together. I love it.   The thread she used for the lettering is gorgeous.  I won't be surprise if it came from her own hand dyed threads. Thank  you RavenSong!

Last week I showed my progress on Autumn Encounter by Kustom Krafts. Well it was the only piece I stitched this week, but I made good progress.  I am pass the  half way point. Page 2 is coming out on Tuesday, so I am hoping to catch up by the time page 3 comes out. I am loving the colors!

I did take a few pictures of my area. Part of a a highway route goes through some mountains.  I took some pictures as we were driving by and no, I wasn't driving.  As you will see a lot of yellows and oranges and lots of greens still. The reds are not ready to come out yet, very late this year.

I hope you have a great week!



Mylene said...

What lovely exchnages, both sent and received.
Such beautiful Autumn views!!

Meari said...

If you use a steam iron lightly along the edges where the binder clips were, the indents will come out. I always use binder clips and iron out the indentations.

Beautiful exchanges!

Nice fall photos as well.

Linda M said...

Your ornaments are beautiful.

Linda M said...

Your ornaments are beautiful.

Linda said...

Adorable ornaments Vicky. Great progress on autumn.


Berly said...

Everything looks great!

Mii Stitch said...

Great exchanges with some lovely ornaments!

Joyce Clark Frank said...

Great job on the ornaments. I love all of them.
Your progress on your other pieces are really coming along.

Faith... said...

Those are some beautiful ornaments you made there and I loved the one you received too!

Angie said...

Lovely exchanges. Have you tried putting a folded price of scrap fabric between the clip and the piece?

Angie said...

Lovely work.

MaryT said...

Really lovely pictures Vicky of your area. Our leaves are just starting to change. I love the pictures of the exchanges and your current project is really coming along.

Mary Louise in IN

Lisa V said...

Instead of using clips or pegs to hold pieces together, I just stack some heavy books on top, this way no marks will be left behind.

glenda said...

Love the ornaments!