28 January 2014

Stitch for Stash January Report

I decided to joined the Stitch from Stash this year.  This is the one where you just stitch from your stash and spend only $25 a month on stash.  I did good on the spending.  I only spend $17.88.  I brought some threads and a couple $4 patterns at Stoney Creek.  I had to resist on buying more and it is hard.  In this report I have 2 finishes and worked on a new project and a UFO.


Merry Christmas Grumpy Cat 
Designed by Brooke Nolan
Stitched on 28ct Lugana opalescent
Jack's Rum by Hand-Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie
DMC threads

I finished Grumpy Cat.  I think I mentioned I was annoyed with the person I was stitching it for, and I really wanted to use the hoop, so I finished it.  I know if I took the hoop off before finishing, it will be awhile before I get back to it.  Besides I am trying to get my WIPs down, so it was better if I finished.  Now just to finish if into an ornament.

Calender Girl January
Designed by Diane Williams of Little House Needleworks
28 count Clay Cashel Linen
DMC Threads

I decided I wanted to do the Calender girls and I had committed to the purchases before signing up for SFS.  I am not sure what I am going to do with them yet but I enjoyed stitching January. My goal is to stitch them within the month I get the pattern.  I am hoping life doesn't get in the way too much.  I wanted to finished January for this report,  the reason why I am just barely reaching the time line, lol.  

I started on Azure on January 1.  I love stitching her.  The top picture is the body and her fin.  The bottom is the fail and big fin.  I have seen her done by a few people and she is gorgeous and quick to stitch.  This month was a tough one to stitch.  My goal is to finish the stitching part by end of February.  

This is the UFO I am working on, Lizzie Kate ABC Lessons.  I am determine to finish this one soon.  When I take the snaps out I will take a bigger picture.  I will need to order more threads for this one.  My next project I will be stitching on, before I go back to Azure, will be Autumn Encounter.  He has been howling for me and I do want to finish page 1.  I only have less than 2 columns left.  A picture on the wolf next time.  On the left side of my blog, are some patterns I want to work on and try to finish them. The list might get longer as I add things.   

I had my surgery as scheduled.   It went well but living on a liquid diet sucks!  I am now on a puree diet, which right now I think it is heaven, lol.  I did lose 22 pounds and very happy with that. I am dehydrated so I am drinking more water and watching my sugars closely.

The weather has been cold, cold, cold. I am lucky there has not been much snow with the cold.  I learned about snow rolls today. It is when the wind is blowing and makes rolls out of the snow.  It has to be under special conditions but it is weird and awesome at the same time.  Try to stay warm.

Until next time,


Fay and Charlette said...

Vicky, congrats on your weight loss. Your projects are lovely and there is a nice variety that must keep you entertained. I joined the SFS 2014 too. I spend 0 this month, yay me! Keep up the good work and you will soon find it rather easy to say "NO" to new stash enhancing experiences! Hugs, Christina

Angela P said...

Great first report. I love Grumpy cat and the mermaid has caught my attention too but I don't want to work on more than one Mira at a time. My report is posted too :)

Ruth said...

Hi Vicky, First off congratulations on losing 22 lbs.
Your finishes are beauiful. Azure is coming long great, can't wait to see the finish. Ruthie

Linda said...

Congrats on the cute finishes Vicky. Great progress on your other projects.


Marilyn said...

Great projects.
Glad to see the surgery went well.
Congrats on your loss.

socialsue said...

Congratulations!!!! Love the Azure and looking forward to see your progress! I, too, joined the SFS 2014.

Sandy In Montana said...

Beautiful stitching Vicki. Grumpy Cat is adorable. Congratulations !!!! on the weight loss.

Take Care & Happy Stitchin'
Hugs, Sandy

Karen said...

Love the yellow fabric for the LK... so bright and fun! great finishes too. Happy stitching...

Berly said...

Great job on everything, Vicky! Keep up the good work!

Meari said...

Grumpy Cat is so adorable. Congrats on your calendar girl finish, too.

Angie said...

Everything looks great.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the finishes!!! They look great. Your WIP's are looking great too. Keep warm. Congrats on the weight loss. That is great news.
Betty in AZ (ILCS)

Jennifer M said...

Congrats on your finishes. Azure looks like it will be a beauty, anxious to see more! So glad your surgery went well, I have been wondering how you are doing. Congrats on the weight loss Vicky, keep us posted:)

Faith... said...

Azure looks great Vicky and that yellow fabric - wow, I LOVE it!

Congrats on your weight loss - wishing you nothing but success with that.

forevershanda said...

So glad the surgery went well and no complications! Drink well and fix that dehydration!! I hate the liquid diet also and have not had to be on it for 2 weeks. More like 3 or 4 days due to ulcer, but that is it. Beautiful stitching!

Mary B said...

Beautiful stitching!

Bonnie said...

I love your Grumpy Cat. I want to stitch the calender girls too. I am already a month behind.

htimcj said...

I love your stitching!

Ann C. said...

Hi Vicky, I just found your blog. I'm also a cross stitcher and a new follower. You can find my blog at

Dani - tkdchick said...

I loooove how your grumpy cat turned out!