10 January 2015

Stitching Challenge and YOTA

The first week came and went and I did stitch every day so far! It is amazing I was able to do that. I had a head cold this past week too.  I went to my doctor ( I was due for a visit in a week anyways) and he gave me some antibiotic and I am feeling so much better.  I did miss a day of classes.  When I got back, we had a test.  I did not do so well, but since it was my first low grade, it didn't affect my average grade by much.  I still have an A in the course. :)

I showed you my first two projects last week.  Here is the ones I had started this week except for todays (Jan 10).  I haven't stitch yet today.

 Day 3   a new start:  County Cottage Gingerbread House.  A pattern I got in an exchange.

 Day 4 was a WIP I picked up.  It is Nora Corbett's Lady Slipper.  The top picture is before and the one after is the new stitches added.  I will be finishing this one up this year.

Day 5 is a new start, Lizzie Kate Promise Me.  I will be finishing this one this year too.

 Day 6  is a new start, Lizzie Kate Time for God.
Day 7 I started on Waxing Moon Simply Americana.

Day 8 I started on Ink Circles Reflections of Paris.  Definitely a different style for me stitching but I so like it

Day 9 I started on Mirabilia Elizabeth.  I hope I can come back to her soon.  I love the fabric I am stitching her on.  The picture makes the colors very grayish but in person, it is a light purple with a hint of pink, blue and green.  It is gorgeous.

Since it is the 10th of January, it is time for a YOTA report.  I do not have a pictures but I will be working on Lizzie Kate's ABC Lessons, ( a picture is in the last post) and I want to work on LHN Pumpkin Hollow.  I will have pictures by next month, I promise.

This week I have a test on muscles and my oral presentation on Monday. On Wednesday and Thursdays is Final Exams.   Friday I go see my surgeon for my one year anniversary for my surgery. One way I am looking forward to it but I know what I been doing the last 6 months and not looking forward to the appointment at the same time.  Maybe it wont be as bad as I think it will be.  I have the weekend off from schoolwork.  Yes!

I will be back next weekend.  Have a great week!
Hugs, Vicky


Deb said...

AWE! I hope you feel better very soon.
Great projects! Cheering you on!

Linda said...

Great update Vicky. I love all the projects your working on.


Justine said...

What gorgeous projects you're working on! I love those Mirabilias. The fabrics look so pretty. Good luck in your tests x

Donna Pheneger said...

You've been very busy. Congrats on being able to stitch every day! The rest of us are jealous! You have some very pretty projects going - looking forward to your progress!

Berly said...

Your stitching looks great! Good luck with that - I tried it one year & miserably failed! You will do wonderful on your exams AND at the dr!

Cindy's Stitching said...

Some great starts. Good luck with school

Faith... said...

Everything looks great Vicky! Congrats on stitching everyday and getting your stitching goals in. Hope you feel better.

Meari said...

Lots of great starts. Hope you feel better soon.

Brigitte said...

All the projects you started are great, and all so different in style. So you won't get bored stitching them, lol.
I hope you are already feeling better and wish you all the best for your exams.

Pull the other thread said...

Sorry to hear you were unwell, hope you are feeling much better. Love your stitching, you are working on beautiful projects. Looking forward to seeing your YOTA progress.

Anonymous said...

You have some great starts & your WIP is looking great. Hoping all goes well with the surgeon.
Betty in AZ