27 July 2008

2 fFinishes and a Start

I finished my July Block swap finally. I wanted to do two but time didnt allow me. I stitched JBW Designs French Country Cat. I used Carrie's Creations Glory thread. I have been dying to use this since I got it for my birthday. The fabric is Sunburst Yellow by Sassy's Fabbys. I think the colors came out great. I will definately be doing this one again.

When I was at my closest LNS, I picked up a small kit of a Morning Glory. I stitched for my SS in one of my yahoo groups. I am showing it off beca
use my SS has no idea I am her Sister. I had directly send her packages from a couple online stores. She will be getting her last package this week.

I finally started my Lavender and Lace Fairy
Dreams. I am stitching on Joblean Wood Violet. The fabric was another birthday present and think it will be perfect for this pattern. I started in the center. So what I stitched is more the background of the Fairy. I am going to try to work on her every 2 weeks.


minksncurl said...

I really like the cat. Keep up the nice work

Robyn in Oz said...

You're off to a good start here. Cat's cute!

Debra said...

Vicky, congrats on your finish and finishing! Looking forward to watching the fairy grow. Pretty material too.
Debra in Indiana

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the kitty design and your choice of floss. LOL And the beginning of your L&L, well, what can I say, the fabric is lovely. :)
The morning glory is so pretty it almost looks real. Your SS will love it I'm sure.

Meari said...

I really like how the morning glory turned out. I'm sure your SS will love it.

Gabi said...

Congrats with the new blog and the finishes. I really like the Fairy Dreams and that fabric is just lovely.