27 July 2008

Family Picnic

My nephew from Oklahoma was in Connecticut visiting his grandmother, his mom's mom. My sister was able to get him for a week. He was in West Haven this past week. My sister had a picnic at her house. To make the story short, Jacob's mom left CT on bad terms with my brother and most of the family. We were told not to say a word to my brother so my brother was very surprise to see Jacob. Pictures were taken and there is one with my dad, brother and Jacob. I got another one with Gramdpa and his grandsons.

Some of other family members were there. So a group of them took a walk to the beach. The beach is down the street and my sister has a ocean view from her bedroom. They got back and my BIL cooked a couple of hot dogs and hamburgers. So when the hot dogs were done, my BIL yelled "Jordon, you're up!". Jordon, playing with the kids, went picked up the bat, thinking it was his turn to bat, and than asked "Where is the pitcher?" And no one was playing a baseball game.

I did found out our family is growing again. My cousin is expecting a baby around February. I am hoping to see her next month at a baby shower. My cousin's girlfriend is expecting a baby on September 28 and her shower is next month. With my girlfriend expecting in January, I think there might be a lot of baby finishes in the near future.


Debra said...

Vicky, great family pictures.
Debra in Indiana

Mylene said...

Welcome to blogland, Vicky!! Great family pictyres!

Rene la Frog said...

Loved your family pictures.

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