21 February 2009

Good luck Conan!

Last night was Conan O'Brien's last show, which I stayed up to watch. I havent done that in a long time. I loved watching his show during my college years. I will be up studying and will watch Conan. He became choked up as he was saying his thank yous and I couldnt help to be touched by this true emotion coming from him. An era has ended for late night shows. They said there is this new guy coming in but it wont be the same, though I do wish him luck for his new show. Yes, Conan is going to the Tonight show but he has promised he wont be "growing up" because he cant change who he is. I am sure we will see good things from Conan as he goes on to bigger and better ways and at the same time see the same Conan that I grew to love on his show.

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