16 February 2009

What Do I Do Now?

As you know from my previous post, I started on Needle Diva. On Monday, when I was moving the qsnaps, I notice I did not give myself enough fabric on the right. The frogs were so thrilled, they got to party at my house for two long day. That is how long it took me to fix the mistake. I frogged out the hearts on the left side, the N and 2nd E, and moved the design a couple inches over. Now I am at the end and off by 4 measley spaces. I want to save this model but I really dont want to start over. If I put an extra heart and than the hearts on the side, than I will be right on the edge and wont be even enough to sew on a piece of fabric. If I skip the four spaces and just put the side of hearts, the whole design wont have that smoothness of equal space between the hearts. I am asking for your advice on what will be the best thing to do. If you have another idea, I will love to hear it too. I will probably framed this piece later this year, if that helps you too. Thank you so much!


Barbara said...

My suggestion would be to make the left side look like the right side. So you would have to frog any hearts on the left side. HTH
Barb in TX

momofmanyblessings said...

if it was mine I would embelish it with a needle and thread coming from the last heart it is "supposed" to look unfinsihed hth

Kathy said...

Barb's suggestion is probably this most logical. It is hard to tell from your picture but it looks like there is enough fabric in the shot. I can't tell where the edge is. The coloring is very pretty.

Debra said...

I like Momofanyblesings idea. Can't wait to see what you do.
Debra in Indiana

Ann said...

This is easier to explain, than to visualize, I'm afraid...but here goes.

Stitch the rest of the hearts, exactly as the chart calls for.

Next...trim ALL sides to the same dimension (if you have 2 threads left on the 'bad side' trim all sides to 2 threads)

Select a fabric you like. Tack the stitching to the fabric. You can choose how you want to do this--white thread on the white, a cute button in the 4 hearts in the corners, whatever.

Then when you get ready to frame the piece you have an 'undermat' of the printed fabric forming a border between your stitched piece and the frame.

I hope that this helps.

Nancy said...

I would add one more heart on the right side, top and bottom. Can't really see how the left side is stitched....or do what Ann suggested.