01 October 2010

Two Exchanges

October is here! Time is going by so fast, and before you know it, Christmas will be here. Gosh, I can hearing you gasping "Christmas? Again? Really? Is it almost that time of year again?" From this point on to the New Year, everything is in a whirlwind of activites with family and friends. For me, it is my favorite time of the year. I like the feeling of the air getting cooler and the anticipation of the first fall of snow. It is the gathering of our love ones that gives me the warm feeling of coziness and new memories. I am grateful we have to deal with the beginning of Autumn. Now, on to some stitchy pictures.

Autumn from gazette 94.
28 count ivory evenweave with DMC threads
The first Autumn exchange is from ILCSing yahoo group called the First Day of Fall. The exchange was to send a package, worth $10 representing and your choice to send a stitching piece. I had plans to stitch a bookmark, but my partner I was given, had just received a bookmark from me. I had stitch an ornament for her, a free pattern from gazette 94. She designs some beautiful designs and uses both English and French words in her designs. I, also, send my partner a mini hanging wreath I bought at JoAnns with fabric, a WillyWonka dark chocolate bar, and from 123Stitch, I send her Mill Hill Maple leaves and a couple of threads.

In return, Susan P. stitched me an Autumn Sampler from Lizzie Kate and made it into an ornament. She did a fantastic job and I love how she finished it. The ornament is on top of the blog. The package came with Little House Needleworks Pumpkins4Sale pattern, 3 skeins of threads, Sweet Six Threads Pumpkin Pie, Threadworkx, Carrie Creations, JDW French Collection Bunny, and Silkweaver Iris Garden 28 count evenweave fabric. The fabric is blue with a touch of green and purple. It is very pretty.
Thank you Susan!

In my KraftersKorner group, there was a Halloween pin exchange. Katie send me a cute cat in pumpkin pin. It is very tiny and adorable. I am amaze on the detail she put in. She send a pack of Trident gum and covered it with a Halloween theme. What an awesome idea! Thank you Katie!

This last picture is a latch hook project my mom did. Mom is in a nursing home due to many health problems and she is hospitalized several times a year. Between her visits at the hospital, she does latch hook and crocheting. One of the employees asked Mom to make this latch hook for a friend. Mom had a bad summer this year so she was late giving it back. Usually my aunt does the backing for Mom, but because it was late, I was asked to do it. My aunt lives at Cape Cod and Mom does not care when it comes back, except for this time. After I finished the backing, I took a picture of the latch hook to show it off. I rarely have a chance to show off Mom's work.

Many hugs,


Berly said...

Thank you so much for the exchange, Vicky! You got a lovely package in return. The latch hook rug is beautiful!

blueladie said...

Your stitching is wonderful Vicky. Your exchange partner is lucky. :) Cathryn

Anonymous said...

Your exchanges & stitched pieces look great. Your mom does a great job with her latch hooking. Tell her that her friend is going to love it.
Cooler weather, what is that. We just broke another record yesterday. It was 102. This week should be cooler. Only in the mid 90's. LOL!!!!!
Betty in AZ (ILCS)

Joy said...

Nice exchanges!! I am going to hunt down Gazette's piece...she does have some cute designs. Tell your mom she did a lovely job!

Scattered Threads said...

You have some very nice exchanges Vicky and your Mom's piece is also very beautiful. That probably made you feel to good to do somehting nice for your mom to finish the latch hook piece.
Take care.

Debra said...

Nice exchanges. The rug is beautiful.

Mylene said...

Lovely exchanges. I love the Gazette's piece and hope to stitch it one day.

MaryT said...

Really nice exchange and the stitching is really nice too. Love your moms latch hook the colors are really pretty. Love your music too:)

Mary Louise

Blu said...

Great exchanges!
The latch hook rug looks amazing.

Jodie said...

Really cute exchanges! And the rug hooking is absolutely wonderful, I love the music theme!

Bonnie said...

I love all your autumn stitching.
There are so many nice designs and they are so much fun.
Your Mom's latch hook is awesome.

Carin said...

Beautiful stitching !!