05 November 2011


When snow is falling, it is so beautiful!  I could watch the snow fall for hours.  It is gorgeous and the romantic side of me comes out, lol.  Last Saturday, Connecticut and few other New England states got hit with our first major snow storm.  Usually around here, the foliage is at its peaks and leaves are falling.  Instead of rain, it snowed.  Pictures below is what it looked like outside of my kitchen the next morning. Its a winter wonderland.
 This snow brought a lot of damage, because it was very wet and heavy.  It you look at the first picture on this post, and compare to the above picture, you can see the branches are hanging very low.
 These trees are exactly down the end of the street.   I just love zooming in with my camera and I didn't have to step outside.  These trees are just a fraction, maybe less, to all the damage this storm did.  Mother Nature was not very nice.
 These are bushes between my building and the next building.  I wish I took a before picture of these, because the bushes are a good 5 feet tall and were beautiful.  They are destroyed and will be pulled up in the spring.
This picture is from my right side and I like how the stop sign is covered.  Usually by the time I get up after a storm, the snow is off the sign.  We lost our power around  4 pm on Saturday.  I was about to start supper.  I thought I would stitch a little before it got dark, but with the storm, dark came very quick.  I listen to the radio under my bed covers and hearing the numbers of power outrages kept climbing.  Sunday morning the guys took a quick shower and used up the rest of the hot water.  There were only 3 Dunkin Donuts stores open  in our area.  Dad got egg sandwiches and coffee for  breakfast and KFC for supper.  Luckily they were open and very busy.  We ate in the candle light.  I tried to crochet using a flashlight and I think I did 4 granny squares.  I was a little slower but I was able to do something instead of twiddling my thumbs.   Monday morning was more egg sandwiches and coffee.  We went to  my aunt's, who did not lose power, and took a shower.  It was so  nice to have a hot shower.  After  we got home, I stitched until it got dark and than I switched to crocheting. I had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for supper.  Than the power came on around  930 pm.  I was so happy and the first thing I did was to put the heat on.  It was getting cold.  I can't imagine how much colder it would have got. Unfortunately there are communities still out of power as I am writing this.  I hope they get their power back soon.  The electricity company says 99%  of all towns by midnight on Sunday.  


Jane said...

Beautiful pictures Vicky but oh dear! the damage is not so nice and to be without power causes so many other problems. Lucky you were able to get food and have warm showers and get some stitching time in!!!
Stay warm xxx

Meari said...

THAT is a lotta snow!! I'm not ready for winter yet.

moreofhim said...

What amazing pictures of your snow storm! I had heard that it was a very bad storm but seeing the pictures really let me see how bad it was. I'm so glad you have your power back...I'm with you - a hot shower is a must! :)

Love coming by to see your do beautiful work.

Blessings - Julie

Shelleen said...

I agree that the snow is beautiful but very damaging.

Heather said...

Love all the snow!! Living in the desert we do not see a lot of snow! ;o)

Thanks for your comments on my blog!!!