23 April 2012

Birthday cards and gifts, Exchange and IHSW

My birthday was this past Saturday and I turned 42 years old. I didn't do anything special with my family. No one had any money but I am fine with that. My aunt is taking me to see The Music Man being  played next Sunday at the Thomasaton Opera House.  I worked there for a couple weeks a few years ago, and it is a beautiful historical building.  I am looking forward to seeing the musical.  It is one of my favorites.

I am in a few birthday clubs in my groups. I didn't count the cards but I did get several cards and skeins of beautiful color threads.

From my Stitching Sisters group

from my ILCSing yahoo group

 The next three pictures are from ILCS yahoo group, ( a different group from above).  Some of the cards got into the pictures twice but I only got 2 same cards but from two different groups.

In my Stitcherhood group I got these lovely gifts:

From Chele LHN Coffee Menu with Crescent Colors Joshua Tree, Little Brown House,and Toasted Marshmallow and Piecemakers  Needles 26. The threads go with the pattern.

From Janet Hinzeit  Chocolate with charms-adorable!

From Tonya Country Cottage  Designs Ice Cream Sundae and Pie Menu

From  Georgena Sue Hillis Happy Stitching and  Piecemakers needles

From Ethel Brittercup Designs Haunt the Night Away and Britty Kitties IV Dmc 809, 823 and Carrie's Threads Black Cherry

???? Mirabilia Midsummer Eve's Fairy I have no idea who the gifter is but whoever you are, thank you!

From Mary Nora Corbett Lady Slipper Garden Pixie with the beads, Kreinik thread and material that goes with the pattern and LHN 2012 Quaker Birds ornament pattern.

 I also received $35 gift certificates from Carrie, Cindy and Sierra.  I will be getting some material and 11x11 q-snaps with the gcs.  Thank you so much everyone for the gifts, cards and birthday wishes.

Mixed  with the packages was my gift from the Valentine competition I won last month.  I didn't want to open any packages early and didn't know the moderator was going to send the prize from 123Stitch.  I was surprised when I read the invoice because I forgot about it. Thank you Shelley for organizing and sending me the prize and everyone who voted for me!

Lizzie Kate Think Spring, John James needles and 28 count Moss Green Lugana

Mary Louise send me a lovely card and Lizzie Kate Summer Sampler.  We have been chatting 2 or 3 times a week due to both of us on Weight Watchers.  We have been encouraging each other and chatting of our stitching. I have been enjoying our chats.

The picture above are the cards and floss I received on Monday (today).  My celebrations just continues, lol.

 I joined the Spring into Easter exchange with the Stitching with Love Exchange blog.  I sent the above to Expel of Hungary.  I stitched Lizzie Kate Spring Sampler and finished into a mini pillow. I included a Shephard's Bush Pattern, needleminder, 40 count linen, needles, threads, and fabric. I haven't heard from her yet but I do know she received it. I hope she likes everything.
Fiona send me a Easter package.  She send some beautiful ribbons, a Glendon Place free chart, the recent Cross Stitcher issue, a piece of green evenweave, Valadini threads, and a pair of green with white polka dot scissors.  Thank you Fiona!

Now on to the International Hermit and  Stitch Weekend.  It fell on my birthday weekend and I did so some stitching and here is my progress:

 I finished part  3 of Lavender Blue.  I need to finish part 4 before I get the other two parts.
 Saturday night I stitched some more on Born Shopper.  I decided to add blending filiament to the white when I get to it.  It may take a little longer but will be worth it.
I stitched a little on my Halloween House like I wanted to do before the week was up.  The picture is not great because it was a cloudy day. I am glad I stitched on this piece.   I took out my Mirabilia Enchanted Mermaid on Sunday night.  I was hoping to make progress on the face.  Well, I missed a row at the top of the face and didn't noticed it until I was at her lips area.  So I had to rip all the stitches I made on her which means no picture on her progress.  I will see if I get back to her this coming weekend, how well I do my stitching exchanges this week.

Thank you for lasting this long and reaching the end of the post.  I hoped you enjoyed reading it.  I will be posting a giveaway in a week or two.  I am still getting it together. 

Many hugs,


Mary said...

Wow! What a nice birthday stash haul! Looks like a fabulous birthday! :)

Anonymous said...

You got lots of stash on your birthday!!!! Looking forward to seeing many of those charts stitched.
Your WIP's look great!!! Thanks for sharing.
Betty in AZ (ILCS)

Linda said...

Wow Vicky. What a wonderful bunch of cards and floss and charts that you got for your birthday. Belated Happy Birthday. Great progress on all your projects.


Linda M said...

Wow, Vicky. You received lots of beautiful cards and stitching gifts. How wonderful for you to have so many projects to tackle. I'm looking forward to reading about your progress.

Linda M said...

Congratulations, Vicky, on all the beautiful cards and stitching gifts. Looks like you'll be busy for quite some time.

Ann H. said...

Looks like you had a wonderful birthday after all. :)

moreofhim said...

Such beautiful cards and gifts! Happy Birthday!

Blessings - Julie

JoAnn McLaughlin said...

happy birthday, look like you got a lot of stash for your birthday

Lisa said...

Hi Vicky, belated birthday wishes to you and looking at all that stash will keep you busy for ages. Its so annoying having to rip out stitches and to redo them, have been there many times. Looking forward to seeing Halloween house grow.

Meari said...

What an awesome birthday, Vicky. Enjoy all your gifts :)

Your stitching looks great.

Berly said...

You had a wonderful birthday!! Your stitching looks great!

pam said...

Good to see you back blogging. Happy Birthday!

Fiona said...

Happy Birthday. You got lots of lovely cards and threads, aren't stirchers just the most generous people around. So glad you liked all your exchange goodies. Your stitching progress is great.

Tammy said...

Wow Vicky, nice birthday stash! Your stitching is great. Enjoy all your new stash. :)

Denise SA said...

What wonderful gifts you received on your birthday and lovely progress on you stitching

Katrien said...

awesome gifts!

great progress on your stitching

mab3500 said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Looks like you had a very nice one.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely way to celebrate your birthday with all the stash you got.


Sue said...

Vicky, wow girl! You got loads of great stash! Way to go!

All of your stitching projects look fantastic; just lovely.


♥ Nia said...

Happy birthday!!! :D
So many goodies! Hope you had an awesome day!! :)
Hugs&Smiles to you

Bea said...

Your IHSW obviously went very well - you're working on some nice patterns.

And a belated Happy Birthday - great stash!

Joysze said...

Happy belated birthday, and what was a great haul!! :D Stitching looks great.

mdgtjulie said...

Looks like you had a fabulous Birthday, Vicky. I was thinking of you Tuesday cause I actually got to stitch on Time To Go, for the first time since April first. (I've been gridding, ugh. But it helps so much, so it's worth it to me.) I'm glad you got some great stuff for your birthday, everything looks wonderful. I wouldn't like the coffee menu though. I love the smell, but hate the taste. Hope you're having a great night!