29 July 2013

Update and Winner

On the Fright Night Friends,  I stitched the 3 pumpkins.  The two pumpkins on the side of the middle is in Kreinik threads.  It really slowed me down. The sign below the pumpkins are 90% Kreinik.  My goal is to complete the sign this week and hopefully I can pick up speed after the sign is done. The good news is I finished page 2 and now on page 3. :D :D

I have a new start, Little House Needleworks Songs of the Season.  I am stitching the pattern on Hand-Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie Meadow. I just love the colors, a mixture of blue, green, and yellow.  This picture is half of part 1 and was able stitch this part in 2 days. Part 2 came in this past week and there is lot more stitching in that section, so that will take a little longer.

This past weekend one of my groups is having a super Stitching Weekend Challenge, which ends on July 31st.  As of Monday afternoon, I had made 2300 stitches. My original goal was 2500 but I changed it to 5000 last night.  Some of the stitches in the LHN was counted. I have a finish and a new start, my second one this week.

  Long May She Wave
by Val's Stuff
14ct  purple/pinkish aida
DMC threads 
gold beads

I will be finishing this into an ornament this week.  I will show the finish piece next week.

I started this piece last night, Sunday. It's a lot of fun. The pattern is from Stitchy Kitty.  I am hoping to finish this piece by Wednesday. I will be giving it to my friend. I don't have any fur babies but I do have a fur nephew and 2 fur nieces. I am thinking personalizing it, but not sure yet.

Are ready for the winner?  Because I am since I am done with my update.  There were only 4 that express interest in the traveling pattern.  I wrote the names on a piece of paper, shook them in a bag, and pulled a name. The winner is.....

Congratulations Meari!!!
Meari will be getting the pattern soon and she will offer it on her blog when it is ready to travel again.

Today my Dad went for his knee replacement surgery. He is doing good.  I talked to him, and despite of the drugs, he is alert and doing great. If no infections appear, he will be going to a rehab on Wednesday  to get use to his new knee.

I hope you have a great week!



Meari said...

You're really making some night progress on Fright Night. What a cute piece. Your other WIPs look good, too.

Hope your Dad has a speedy recovery.

Looking forward to stitching up that LHN!

Linda said...

Everything looks great Vicky.


Parsley said...

I have stitched the paws and stripes pattern. It is fun!

Anonymous said...

Wow your a stitching machine. Everything looks great!!!! Thanks for sharing all your great stitching updates.
Betty in AZ (ILCS)

Pam in IL said...

Lovely stitches! I'm really liking those pumpkins!

Hope your dad's recovery and rehab goes well.

Denise SA said...

Some great stitching

Shelley said...

Love your stitching updates!!

Shaunterria/Ca11i0pe said...

Congrats Meari! Your stitching looks wonderful Vicky, I love the fabric you are using for Song of the Seasons :)

Fay and Charlette said...

See if the doctor will give you a prescription for pain killers before your Dad goes to the rehab center. Due to increased scrutiny by the DEA and aggressive tactics from law enforcement agencies and DA offices, many nursing homes are not filling narcotic prescriptions unless the nursing home doctor has written it, and if your Dad gets discharged on a Friday, it could mean no pain killers til Monday and that will be an agony.

SoCal Debbie said...

Fright Night looks great! You'll be a Kreinik pro soon! The stars and stripes paw is so cute. I laughed when I read about your fur nieces and nephews! How cute!

Joyce Clark Frank said...

Good job stitching with the Kreinik.
Your pieces are looking good.