01 July 2013

Lots of stitching! And a Ghost Frog

First is my update on Fright Night Friends.  I realize I didn't have the Kreinik color for the owl's eyes. I ordered and it came on Friday.  I stitched the sign and the "A".  I will be back stitching the owl and the sign, and add a ghost under the "H".

I had picked up Time To Go by Witchy Stitch 'n' Bit.  Unfortunately they are no longer in business. I bought last year and only did almost 2 columns.

  Here it looks before I restarted.

Here it is now, 800 more stitches done and in one day too.  I gave myself Thursday and Friday to stitch on this piece.  Thursday I had a huge headache and I couldn't concentrate. I even had to take an hour nap in the afternoon. Friday I stitched for almost 12 hours. I did take breaks, by cooking meals, cleaning and played a few games.  But my concentration was in the stitching. I see the first page being finish soon.

Saturday and Sunday I stitched on Gaze by Kustom Krafts. Above is the before picture.

Here is what I stitched on Saturday. I put in about 530 stitches. I also watched a few episodes on Drop Dead Diva on Netflix while I stitched.

On Sunday I put in another 650 stitches. I let my needle do the leading and it went across the design. The first vertical rows are done except for 10 stitches or so. I will be going back  to TTG and Gaze in two weeks.

Ghost Frog

A little story I thought I will share:

 I am stitching near the right edge of Gaze and I automatic thought it was a
full 100 squared stitches. When I got to the block below, my heart dropped
because I realize it was 9 stiches going across. I am now thinking I would have to un stitch
my work. Some of the stitches on page 2 could a different color. I went take out
my original pattern to look at page 2 and lo below, all the stitches were the same color.
There for, it was a frog ghost, warning me to be careful, lol, lol

This week I will be stitching on my Halloween SAL,the blue house, LHN Summer Mystery part 1 and maybe LK ABC Lessons.  I am going to a friend's house on the 4th and  have lots of errands to do prior to that plus cooking.. I will see what I can do this week.

I wish everyone a Happy 4th of July to my American friends and family.

Hugs, Vicky


htimcj said...

Great stitching! Your needles were flying!

SoCal Debbie said...

Wow, Vicky! You're a super stitcher! Fright Night Friends looks great. How fun to stitch 3 days in a row. You got so much done on Time to Go and Gaze. Thank goodness you didn't have to frog out any stitches in that 9-stitch block.

I wish I could get as much stitching done as you do!

Kelly Smith said...

Wow, you certainly got a lot done, well done Vicky and all looks lovely.

Kay said...

Lots of stitch progress!! I love fright night friends!

Laurel Piontek said...

Warning.....flying needle ahead! Your starts look great! I love your "ghost" frog story, too funny! Have a great 4th!

Anonymous said...

You have a great start on your two BAP's. Looking forward to watching these being stitched up.
Betty in AZ (ILCS)

Angela P said...

Great progress on all your projects :)