08 December 2011

Seventh and Eighth Days

 Sorry I meant to post yesterday. I got busy stitching and hoping to finish it last night.  I had to frog the boarder and snowman and end up finishing it today. Yesterday on the  seventh day, I got 2 packages of needles and a needle organizer.  I needed the organizer. I keep my needles in a pincushion.

Today, on the eighth day, I got two  boxes of brownie mix.  I thought I was opening a book, because it was heavy, lol.  So I made a pan of brownies. They are very good.  Thank you Elizabeth!

pan of brownies

This is my finish from Little House Needleworks. This is Berly's RR.  It was a quick stitch, which I needed so much.  I had finished Judith's RR and it took me like forever. I forgot to take a picture of her's RR.  The frogs were have a huge party at my house and some came back last night.  I am going have to re-stitch this pattern for myself. Now I need to go do some more stitching.  I got behind on my exchanges, so bad of me.



Anonymous said...

Great exchange gifts!!! Those brownies look sooooo good. Your finish is cute.
Betty in AZ (ILCS)

Elizabeth said...

The brownies would be worth the 1,000 + mile drive. LOL

Emily in NC said...

Like the needle organizer, did not know there was such a thing, sounds like it will come in handy. Gotta love brownie mix, YUM!!

Denise SA said...

What nice gifts and what a lovely finish

Sarah said...

What lovely gifts! The brownie looks delicious. Sweet wee finish too :)

Berly said...

Great gifts! The LHN piece looks great! THanks!

Vickie said...

Brownies...what a great gift!!!