10 December 2011

Ninth and Tenth Days

On the Ninth Day of Christmas, I got a leaflet of bookmarks patterns and three bookmarks to stitch on.  The patterns are very beautiful and I can't wait to stitch  a couple.  I see a bookmark exchange in the future.  The bookmarks will come in handy since I  am an avid reader.

On the Tenth Day of Christmas, I got a piece of white  evenweave, some glittery silver snowflakes, and a cat key chain.  The cat has a button, when pressed, lights go on and a noise.  It is so adorable and I laugh when I press the button.  I love it!  The snowflakes will be going on my tree soon.  Thank you Elizabeth for the lovely gifts.

I organized a Wishlist Exchange in the ILCSing Yahoo group,where a person sends two items from their partner's wishlist.  Betty send me Little House Needleworks Winter Wonderland and Ginger & Spice Florida Sampler.  I really want to start on Florida Sampler but I got to good and stitch my exchanges first. Thank you Betty!

This is a tease!  These beautifully wrapped presents are filled with these amazing gifts and I can't show you! It is a Secret Santa exchange and until I get the word it;s okay to show, this is all you see for now.



Marexstitch said...

nice gifts! lots to be merry about, enjoy!

Vickie said...

Wonderful gifts! What a great tease. Hope your SS likes them.