22 March 2012

Lavender Blue and exchanges

I have been stitching my fingers off like crazy in the last two weeks.  I got behind on my Lavender Blue parts one and two. I finished the parts last night. I emailed Angie for the next parts and I got an immediate response. However I have to do a  few exchanges before I can go back to Lavender Blue.  The next parts (5 and 6) come out on April 10. I don't know if I will be able to catch up in time, but I am going to try.  I do love the colors and it is coming out gorgeous. The material's color is Angel Blush, a pale pink and the camera is not  picking it up. Maybe I will take the next picture outside, if I remember.

Love Bug freebie from Erynne Chard Designs
28 count evenweave
DMC  floss 310, 603, 349
Heart shape felt and ribbon

I stitched this little Love Bug for my friend for her birthday.  Her birthday is Feb  17 and Valentine's Day is one of her favorite holidays.  I entered the picture in the Valentine Competition contest in my i-love-cross-stitch yahoo group and it won first place! I was tickled pink!

 Love,Hugs, and Kisses by VeeandCO freebie
14 ct opalescent light purple aida
DMC threads

This little flatfold was for  the same friend and it was entered in the competition too.  It came in 6th place. The ribbon is a bit crooked and I didn't catch that until I saw the picture in the competition.  This was the pattern I got from my Valentine's exchange last month. 

I finally got my bookmark from Judith of Germany.  The first one never made it to me so she stitched another one.  It came out very lovely and she put my name on it.  I love it.  Thank you Judith!

This beautiful wooden box is from Berly for the St. Patty's exchange in the ILCS group.  The exchange was to stitch a  St. Patrick's Day theme and finish it off with 2 specialty threads.  Berly included Week Dye Works, Emerald's Isle, Gold, and Hunter, very much St. Patty's color.  Thank you Berly!

 Ye Olde Irish Sampler by Jennifer Dalenburg of Feathers in a Nest
28 count antique white evenweave
DMC 3820, 4045, Gentle Arts Antique Rose and Victorian Pink

I stitched this little pillow for Bridgette for the St. Patty's exchange.  This was a very quick stitch and did it over a weekend.   I selected my own colors. This pattern was a freebie I found on Feathers in a Nest blog.  I like how it came out and I hope Bridgette  likes it.

Lifestyle Change

I am going to Tulsa to visit my nephew, who I haven't seen for 4 years.  After the visit, I am heading to Colorado Springs, Colorado for the annual ILCS Retreat.  With encouragement from a friend, I had started walking almost daily. I started at 15 minutes and now I am at 30  minutes.   I just started the 30 minutes this week and I can really feel it with my body.  I am so sore after the walk,  I am literally dragging my feet for rest of the night.  I know I can pass this and than I will be able to walk longer.  I do use my  walker for my walks but I am hoping not to be using it by June.  This past Tuesday I joined Weight Watchers with  a friend.  We were suppose to go last week but her son was sick.  I weigh at least 50 pounds LESS than I thought, and at  one point I was 50 pounds heavier and apparently lose the weight over the last year or so.  How? I wish I knew,but with WW, I can  make better choices and lose more  weight on a more steadier base.   I am still thinking of getting the gastric bypass, but even if I did go for it, I still have to change my lifestyle.  I am going to try the walking and WW first and now the road, I feel I  need more help. than the bypass or lap-band will still be an option. 

Have a nice day! 


Denise SA said...

Dear Vicky I love your lavender blue piece I missed the start of this one but I think the lady puts it on sale once all the parts are out.

Anonymous said...

Lavender Blue is gorgeous!!! All your exchange pieces are beautiful!!! Berly did a great job with the St. Patty's exchange. Congrats on losing the weight. Keep up the great work & you will achieve your goal.
Betty in AZ (ILCS)

Linda M said...

You have really been burning those needles with your stitching. Your pieces are all do beautiful.

Good luck with your weight loss. Walking is a great activity to help in your efforts. Take it slow and don't try to push it too much. A lot of the literature says to increase your activity in 10% increments.

Linda M said...

You have really been burning those needles with your stitching. Your pieces are all so beautiful.

Good luck with your weight loss. Walking is a great activity to help in your efforts. Take it slow and don't try to push it too much. A lot of the literature says to increase your activity in 10% increments.

Meari said...

Wonderful stitching and exchanges. Kudos to you for increasing your walking time! :)

Linda said...

Lavender Blue is looking good. You received some gorgeous exchange pieces. Good luck with WW. I should join you.


mab3500 said...

Wonderful stitching! Everything is beautiful!
Congratulations on raising your walking time! Take it all one day at a time and you'll be able to do more before you know it.

Berly said...

As always, your stitching is beautiful! You're making great progress in your walking. Keep it up!

Veronica said...

Lovely exchanges. Congrats on winning first place for Love Bug. I can certainly see why. It's cute.


Fiona said...

Beautiful stitching. Congratulation on your walking achievement and stick at it with WW.

Mary Ivancicts said...

Love the stitching! Great Exchanges!

Rita said...

Beautiful stitching!

Congratulations on your weight loss and walking! I walk daily and can say that it really makes a difference.

milly said...


Just found your blog.

Your stitching is beautiful, especially Love Bug.

Congratulations on winning.

Mary said...

Vicky you Lavender Blue is lovely! All of your pieces and exchanges are absolutely adorable and fun.

Congrats on the walking! I am so proud of you! You are an inspiration to so many!

Vickie said...

Your stitching looks wonderful!!! Congrats on joining WW! You started out on a positive. You are already 50 lbs ahead of what you thought you were!!!

You can do it!!!

OctoberLace said...

Lovely stitching! I had joined Lavender Blue but decided I had too much else going on and dropped it. Kudos on the weight loss, too! Theresa

Anonymous said...

Your Lavender Blue is beautiful and your exchanges are all lovely.

Congratulations on your weight loss and keep it up, doing some walking and have lost some weight also.


Pam said...

Way to go on Lavendar Blue, You'll get there! Great Job on your walking progress! It's hard, I know, but you keep it up and don't stop. One thing that helps me with soreness and the heavy feeling of my legs is a good warm/hot soak in epsom salted water. Stay @ least 30 minutes (I read) and you'll be amazed @ how well you'll start to feel. Have a safe trip. Cant wait to see what you stitch up next!

Debbie said...


Kelly Smith said...

Wow, you have been busy! I love all of your stitching!

Sue said...

Vicky, kudos to you for all the beautiful stitching! Lavender Blue looks fabulous; it is already for sale on Angie's blog; I bought the pattern, as I have gotten so far behind with my eyesight; have both upcoming surgeries on the 5 and 19th of April. I can't wait!!

I love your Love Bug; so darling! AND I am very proud of you for walking! That is how I started....just walk a short distance and as your stamina increases so will the distance!!!! HOORAY! You go girl!


mdgtjulie said...

Hi Vicky, and grats on the weight loss. You're amazing. Great job, and I hope you do even better with WW. Your finishes are all lovely too. I love your bookmark as well. Awesome!!

Jo said...

Lavender Blue looks amazing and lovely stitching on your gifts.